Mayberry R.F.D. - Season 2

CBS (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • The Mynah Bird
    The Mynah Bird
    Episode 26
    Howard lets Mike watch his talking mynah bird for a few days while Howard is away. Harold takes the bird out of its cage, and it escapes out the window. Mike and Harold buy a new mynah bird from the pet shop in an attempt to pass it off as Howard's. Aunt Bee finds out what's going on, and the boys beg her not to tell Sam as they hope they can teach the new bird how to talk. Meanwhile, Howard has a chance to go on a television show for children to display his bird.moreless
  • Millie the Secretary
    Millie passes a secretarial course but finds that most potential employers are only hiring people with experience. She is finally hired by what she thinks is an over-the-phone magazine-selling business. However, it is actually a front for a bookmaking operation.
  • Aloha Goober
    Aloha Goober
    Episode 24
    Goober's franchiser runs a contest in which any dealer that improves its sales by 200 percent will be awarded a trip to Hawaii. Goober meets that mark but finds out that the contest is not for the current month but for the following month.
  • The Mayberry Float
    The Mayberry Float
    Episode 23
    Millie is chosen to portray the pioneer woman on Mayberry's float in a parade. However, in order to obtain the use of Clara's nephew's truck, he requests that Clara be the pioneer woman. Left with little choice, Sam agrees to let Clara play the role.
  • The Health Fund
    The Health Fund
    Episode 22
    Within a week after his lodge approves a new health plan funded by the lodge itself, Howard decides to have an operation to correct a deviated septum. His fellow lodge members suspect he's only having the operation to take unnecessary advantage of the health plan. While at the hospital, just before being discharged, he thinks he has appendicitis.moreless
  • The Sculptor
    The Sculptor
    Episode 21
    A sculptor Millie met while modeling in New York comes to visit Mayberry to get away from the city. He offers to construct a sculpture for the town, but, at the unveiling, nobody can figure out what it is.
  • Millie and the Great Outdoors
    Despite not being the outdoors type, Millie joins Sam, Howard, and Howard's friend, Barbara, on a camping trip.
  • The Mayberry Road
    The Mayberry Road
    Episode 19
    The county plans to construct a new road that would require the removal of many trees in Grover's Woods. Aunt Bee is strongly against this and tries to get Sam on her side. He thinks the road is a good idea, but, despite this, agrees to help Bee get her voice heard.moreless
  • Goober's Brother
    Goober's Brother
    Episode 18
    Goober's brother comes to Mayberry for a visit. Goober initially thinks his brother will be impressed that he owns his own service station but finds out that his brother is an aviation engineer for NASA.
  • Emmett and the Ring
    Emmett and the Ring
    Episode 17
    Emmett brings his wife's engagement ring to a jeweler to be cleaned. While there, he sees a synthetic diamond that looks exactly like the diamond in his wife's ring. He has the real diamond replaced with the synthetic and pawns the real diamond to invest the money in the stock market. Unfortunately, an expected merger of the company he invested in does not go through.moreless
  • The New Well
    The New Well
    Episode 16
    With his existing well going dry, Sam decides to get a new one drilled. While he is in Raleigh hiring a geologist to find a suitable drilling point, a drifting dowser stops by the farm to offer his services. When Sam returns, he decides to go with the geologist's recommendation. As the dowser predicts, the location in which they dig is dry as a bone.moreless
  • Emmett Takes a Fall
    Emmett Takes a Fall
    Episode 15
    After falling into a pit at Goober's station and breaking his arm, Emmett hires a talented teenager to help out in his fix-it shop. Emmett becomes worried that the kid may know more and do things better than he does.
  • Goober's Niece
    Goober's Niece
    Episode 14
    Goober's 15-year-old niece pays him a visit. A boy she meets at the gas station wants to ask her for a date to the school dance, but Goober refuses to allow her to see him.
  • Palm Springs Cowboy (4)
    Howard tries to help a has-been cowboy star make a comeback.
  • Millie and the Palm Springs Golf Pro (3)
    Sam bumps into an old friend of his who is the golf pro at a local club. He kisses Millie, and she is furious that Sam just laughs it off.
  • Palm Springs, Here We Are (2)
    The gang arrives in Palm Springs. Goober and Howard are at odds the minute they find out they'll be rooming together.
  • Palm Springs, Here We Come (1)
    Bee's wealthy friend offers the entire gang her home in Palm Springs for two weeks. Suddenly, however, Mike begins having trouble in arithmetic when fractions are introduced. His teacher advises that, because of this, it wouldn't be wise for him to be removed from school. Sam tells Bee that she and the others can go to Palm Springs without him and Mike, but she won't hear of it. If Bee, Sam, and Mike aren't going, nobody else will, either. Everyone attempts to teach fractions to Mike so that he'll do well on an upcomming test.moreless
  • The New Farmhand
    The New Farmhand
    Episode 9
    Mike really takes to Sam's new hired hand, and Sam begins to become jealous.
  • The Caper
    The Caper
    Episode 8
    When Howard loses a property sale because the town doesn't have adequate law enforcement, he robs Mayberry Bank to prove that they need a full-time sheriff. Deputy sheriff Goober Pyle catches Howard and puts him in jail.
  • The Farmer Exchange Project
    A Russian agricultural expert comes to visit Sam's farm as part of an exchange program. She seems to be an all-work-and-no-play type of person, so Millie thinks it would be a good idea if one of Sam's friends would ask the expert to an upcomming dance.
  • Mike's Birthday Party
    Mike's birthday party is scheduled to be on the same day as one of the girls in his class. Mike begins to worry that his friends will choose the girl's party over his because of the prizes that will be given.
  • Millie, the Model
    Millie, the Model
    Episode 5
    After trying on a couple of outfits, the clothes' designer asks Millie to model her line for fashion magazines in New York. After only hearing from her once in two weeks, Sam decides to go to New York to check up on her.
  • Goober and the Telephone Girl
    Goober begins dating a girl from the telephone company after going there to contest an erroneous bill. She is taking judo lessons so that she can protect herself while walking home late at night. Goober is emasculated when she uses her judo skills to take out a troublemaker while they are out on a date.moreless
  • Howard the Poet
    Howard the Poet
    Episode 3
    Howard is commissioned to write a poem for a regional magazine but finds that he can't come up with anything to write about.
  • Saving Morelli's
    Saving Morelli's
    Episode 2
    To save Morelli's restaurant from closing due to poor business, Millie and Howard book a music act in an attempt to compete with another restaurant in Mount Pilot. Unfortunately, the act cancels at the last minute. Millie and Howard figure they can get Sam to perform a portion of a show he used to do while in the army, but they think they'll have a battle in getting him to do it.moreless
  • Andy's Baby
    Andy's Baby
    Episode 1
    Andy and Helen come to Mayberry for a visit (they now live in Charlotte) to Christen their three-month baby boy, Andy Jr. Goober, Emmett, and Howard are upset that Andy and Helen have chosen Sam to be the boy's Godfather instead of one of them. Andy, then, questions whether the boy could have four Godfathers.moreless