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  • Have you ever wondered what a live-action murder mystery show would be like if it were based on Scooby Doo?

    I can't actually speak for the creators and their intentions, but having a cast that includes a good-looking male lead with an even better looking female lead, being backed up by a bookish, shortish female and a goofy long-haired guy sure makes it look like someone watched a lot of Saturday morning cartoons.

    This under appreciated little gem is a collection of fairly easy-to-follow mysteries, none of which is either too diabolical or too far-fetched. It makes very easy watching. Especially when you watch it from the perspective that it is Scooby Doo without lighthouse keepers in ghost masks and without a talking dog.

    The two leads, DCI Gil Mayo and his lead assistant, DS Alex jones (played by the drop dead gorgeous Jessica Oyelowo) are really the only two that have any character development. And a past with one another. But that just leaved more time for the story. Their "did they or didn't they" and "will they or won't they" relationship is kept to reasonable snippets and never get in the way of the story.

    While not as fascinating as a "New Tricks" this is a sturdy little police drama (on the very light side) that is fun to watch. I wish there were more than the 8 episodes broadcast back in 2006.