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  • Good Show Too much back ground noise!

    Great story line, but back ground noise and music is too loud during acting part of

    Show to hear what us going on. Sounds like people are walking in high heels and phones

    Are ringing when the scene is taking place in a quiet home.
  • Interesting mysteries and fun characters.

    I don't usually like John Larroquette but in McBride I really love him. Usually interesting mysteries and great character interaction both between McBride and his 'partner'(Phil)as well as between McBride and Sgt. Hanson. I partically like how when a witness is describing what happens McBride is actually standing there 'watching'. It really works. The last two episodes, "Dogged" and "Requiem" really worked. John larroquette Directed "Dogged" and two other episodes "The Doctor Is Out... Really Out" and "Fallen Idol" and improved with each. I just wish there were more "episodes", 10 is not nearly enough. Maybe a new year will bring at least one new episode.
  • Just an all round great series.

    I love to watch John Larroquette. I have followed him when he was on Night Court to various movies he has made. I like mystery shows and with some of the crap they have on tv now it is just a waste. I have Dish Network and even then there isn't anything on to watch but when Hallmark has their movies like the mystery shows on I'm always there tuned in.

    I like the concept of the show and how McBride is there when he is questioning a witness. I hope to see my of McBride on Hallmark. Can't wait for maybe some new episodes.
  • This was a great show!!!

    I remember when John played the not ever so serious character back from his night court days, and he was good then for his role of being the comical guy that wanted to seduce the women at that time, now he is giving a part to actually play a very serious role in a lawer that knows what he is doing and you know he played this part so very good, and it was two hours long and I could'nt wait till the next one he did on this show, the part was played so very well by him and could'nt see it any other way, please bring this back, there wasnt enough reruns to go through, John you did really good in this and wish you was still doing this show, it was great.
  • 9.1
    Good show. Not the best storylines or the most action, but an easy show to watch and follow, and helps me fill my crime show watching quota (when they show it!).
    McBride may not be a show that I actively search the TV guides for, but if I see that it's on I'll certainly be switching over to the hallmark channel to catch it.
  • Could be so much better, but not terrible as is

    When I first heard about this show and John Larroquette's role as a detective/defense attorney, I was psyched. I wasn't necessarily expecting a Dan Fielding do-over, but I was hoping for a little more energy! In the episodes I've seen, Mr. Larroquette seems to be sleepwalking through the show, and the mysteries wouldn't keep Matlock up at night. The new season starts soon on Hallmark, and I'm hoping that "McBride" improves. I think this show has great potential and Mr. Larroquette could have another iconic character. The scripts need to be a little tighter, and McBride himself needs a character injection.
  • This show may be drama light and on a budget, but John Larroquette makes it mildly entertaining.

    Night Court put Emmys on John Larroquette's mantel. In that show, sarcasm was his trademark and he could seemingly do no wrong with the ladies. McBride is an older and wiser version of Larroquette, but there is no hint here of Dan Fielding. Gone are the off color remarks and the easy way with women. He is a former cop who has now earned his law degree. He is both law and order as he both investigates and tries the cases. The quick wit's replacement is a humourus realism aiming more for a knowing chuckle than a belly laugh. Oh,did I mention his inside guy is a girl? The woman he pines for is a police detective that rebuffs most of his advances. He genuinely admires her, but uses her at the same time. She likes him, but tires of his dedication to his work. Perhaps that is the most Un-Fielding thing about show: McBride actually cares about his clients. The narrative involves neat flashbacks where McBride inserts himself into the crime scence. The flashback bit is the shows one trick pony. Other than that, there is no gimmick or trick. The simple life seems to suit McBride just fine. Hopefully, he will never try a case against a young uncouth womanizer. Somehow, I don't think they would get along.