Season 7 Episode 1

Bonnie and McCloud

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 1976 on NBC



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    • (Sgt. Broadhurst won't take the handcuffs off McCloud in Oklahoma.)
      Sgt. Broadhurst: In Mexico, you get me drunk. In Colorado, you get me beaten up and thrown in jail. I'm not losing you again.

    • McCloud: You're a cog in Clifford's machinery! You're the butt end o' his cigar!
      Sgt. Broadhurst: I'm gonna make you eat those words, McCloud. Every one.

    • McCloud: Ya know, a lot's happened since I seen ya, Bonnie. I embarrassed the New York Police Department, I got suspended, I got beaten up, handcuffed to a fellow officer and sprayed with DDT. Now, if you don't mind, I'd just like to have a talk with ya.

    • (They make their way on foot through a cornfield.)
      Sgt. Broadhurst: Is this your idea of a short cut?
      McCloud: Just think o' Fifth Avenue at rush hour.

    • 2nd Officer: Where'd you learn to drive, Marshal? Indianapolis?
      McCloud: I'm lucky to be drivin' at all! I just had a run-in with two eighteen-wheelers, did ya see 'em? They tried to kill us!
      2nd Officer: You sure you didn't just try to cut in front of 'em? Truckers don't like that.

    • Charlie Watson: (Holding a gun on McCloud.) Come down from the big city, goin' on a killin' spree! Well, I wanna tell ya somethin', brother. Ya picked the wrong town this time.

    • Charlie Watson: (To McCloud.) I know you police take care o' y' own. Well, I wanna tell you somethin', we take care o' our own down here, too.

    • Chief Clifford: (On CB radio.) McCloud, if one more deputy's killed in this State-
      McCloud: Gotta go, Chief. This place is hottin' up. (Hangs up microphone.)
      Chief Clifford: McCloud, don't run that roadblock!

    • Chief Clifford: You always drive this fast?
      Big Mama: Only when I'm not in a hurry.

    • (McCloud is sought in the killing of a deputy.)
      Sheriff Matheson: (Resignedly.) Some cops go bad.
      Chief Clifford: (Screwing up his face into an expression of painful disgust.) Not this one. He's so straight it makes you cry.

    • Sgt. Broadhurst: I'm not gonna blow fifteen years on the force and eight years of marriage just to make you a hero.
      McCloud: You don't have to worry about a promotion, Joe. You're never gonna make lieutenant.
      Sgt. Broadhurst: Why?
      McCloud: Because ya've got no guts!

    • McCloud: (To Sgt. Broadhurst.) Ya can't get the lard less'n ya boil the hog.

    • Chief Clifford: (The murder suspect had an accomplice.) See what this description does for you, McCloud. (Reading.) "Tall, rangy, wearing a Stetson and a heavy coat with a mangy sheepskin collar."

    • Chief Clifford: It's an exceptional night, McCloud. The kind of night where intelligent, rational men take stock of themselves and begin to doubt their sanity.

    • Helicopter Pilot: (On radio, observing the phalanx of trucks heading for the roadblock.) Delta One, this is Delta Two. Boys, you got Patton's army comin' at you. Get off the road. Get off the road.

  • Notes

    • Trucker handles heard include "Black Widow", "Red Dragon", "Montana Mustang", "Bird Dog", "Eagle Rock", "Fast Eddie" and "Groundhog".

    • Randolph Powell is billed as Randy Powell.

    • Ron Satlof is billed as Ronald Satlof.

    • Among the "choke 'n pukes" where the "gearjammers" go for "100 WT oil" (or the weaker 40 WT) before heading out on the "slab," is an actual location (perhaps no longer extant) called Sheriff's Western Truck & Auto Center.

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