Season 4 Episode 1

Butch Cassidy Rides Again

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 1973 on NBC

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  • The New York Police Dept. shows a mock burglary on closed circuit T.V. to showcase new prevention techniques, and is embarrassed when real crooks pull a heist during the showcase operation.

    This episode has drama-a real series of puzzling, if off-beat robberies; humor, Stefanie Powers & Linda Evans keep McCloud confused throughout the show as each expoit him for information about the crimes, as each is a reporter. Pathos, as Lloyd Nolan struggles to reconcile himself to new ways of crime fighting & prevention. McCloud\'s empathy for Nolan does not blind him to Nolan\'s character\'s involvement in thr crimes. There is a tension between old & new police techniques---and the criminals use \"Old West\" crime tactics to pull their modern crimes off, hence the episode\'s title. \"Heuristics and Hunches\" shows the Old vs. New tensions in the plot, also. Penultimately. there is the tension between the electronic media (Stefanie Powers plays \"Samantha Johnson\", a T.V. reporter)and the print media (Linda Evans plays \"Geri March\", a \"Park Avenue Columnist\" as \"Samantha\", or \"Sam\" calls her as they have a confrontation over the \"rights\" to the story, later in the episode). Finally there is a bit of romantic rivalry, as well, between \"Geri\" & \"Sam\", as each is seen often in this episode with her arms around McCloud, kissing him. It is this rivalry as reporters over a story and a bit of mutual jealousy, as well, that seems to lead to the somewhat comic and inept, but none-the-less competitive and believable physical fight between \"Geri\" & \"Sam\" later in the show. This fight is, in truth, more of a rough wrestling match, than a fight---almost no real scratching, biting, slapping or hairpulling is evidenced. There does seem to be a lot of passinate intensity to the fight, but it mainly consists of a lot of grappling & wrestling,and is interrupted before a clear winner is established, altough \"Geri\" has rallied from an early deficit to have just seized the advantage at the point of interruption. In my view, Stefanie Powers \"stole this show\" from a stellar cast which included Lloyd Nolan, Pat O\'Brien William Daniels and Linda Evans. Stefanie\'s mischievious character, \"Sam\", provides the catalyst for much of the humor in this episode. The tension between so many disparate elements in the show speaks to its being very well written and cleverly plotted. Arguably the best, or one of the best offerings in this series.