Season 7 Episode 5

London Bridges

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 1977 on NBC



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    • McCloud: (To a bobby at Big Ben.) That was no maintenance man, that was Liam O'Brien.

    • Deputy Inspector Phillips: (After defusing a bomb on the Palace grounds, with seven seconds to spare.) OK, boys, take it away, it's not worth a firework on Guy Fawkes Night.

    • McCloud: (In a conference room at Scotland Yard.) I'll tell ya, Chief, this whole situation is just a bubble off o' plumb, as far as I'm concerned.

    • McCloud: (Of Lord Bridges.) I wouldn't bet the homestead against him. He's just slicker'n a greased shoat. He'd cop the knobs off a nickel-plated bedstead. (Exits.)
      Deputy Inspector Phillips: What's he talking about?
      Inspector Craig: Don't ask me, I don't understand a word he's sayin'. Bleedin' foreigners.

    • Chief Clifford: (Awakened in the middle of the night by a telephone call from the Commissioner.) Whatever McCloud is doing in London has nothing to do with... Scotland Yard is thrilled with our cooperation in this case?... Biggest breakthrough they've had in years?... Well, as I was saying, when I sent McCloud to London... Now, don't worry, we'll crack this one, whatever it is...

    • Lord Charles Bridges: Marshal, I can't tell you how comfortable it is knowing you're on my side.
      McCloud: There ya go.
      Lord Charles Bridges: (Quizzical, then acknowledging.) Oh, yes.

    • Lord James Rothwell: (To Lord Bridges, on a bomb scare in the House of Lords.) Just a hoax. Probably planted by some backbencher who didn't want to hear the Foreign Secretary's speech on Rhodesia.

    • (After being awakened in the middle of the night by a telephone call from McCloud in London.)
      Mrs. Clifford: Poor baby, shall I bring you an aspirin?
      Chief Clifford: No, just bring me that bottle in the liquor cabinet marked "McCloud".

    • First Lady Guest: (White hair, red-white-and-blue sequined dress, tiara.) Lord Bridges, I saw you on television the other night selling cameras!
      Lord Charles Bridges: Ah, that was Lord Olivier.
      Second Lady Guest: (White hair, red-white-and-blue sequined dress, tiara.) And what do you do?
      Lord Charles Bridges: I take photographs with his cameras.

    • (At John Keaton's costume party.)
      Mountie: (A guest in an RCMP costume.) Where'd you leave the Lone Ranger?
      Sgt. Broadhurst: (Dressed as an Indian brave, and partnered with McCloud.) I think he's talking to your Den Mother.

    • (The detectives gather in costume for undercover work at John Keaton's Long Island party, as a Yeti, a magician, the Easter Bunny, and Batman & Robin.)
      Detective: (In an Easter Bunny costume.) What's McCloud going as?
      Chief Clifford: Himself! (Laughing... and still laughing as the detectives file out and the scene ends.)

  • Notes

    • The garden party scene at Buckingham Palace was filmed at the Huntington Library (San Marino, California).

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