Season 7 Episode 6

McCloud Meets Dracula

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 1977 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • (Starved for information about the case, the newspaper prints a curous headline as "a joke to sell some papers".)
      or Bureaucratic Snafu

  • Quotes

    • Loren Belasco: (To a policeman advancing toward him.) We'll fly together to eternity! (Leaps from tower.)

    • (Atop the Third Street Bridge.)
      McCloud: Ya know, you've got things confused with your films! This is no role you're playing now!
      Loren Belasco: Was it a role, or a convenient façade for the Prince of the Undead?

    • (On the Third Street Bridge, McCloud and an officer are climbing up a tower after Belasco.)
      2nd Officer: Hey, cowboy, who does he think he is, Batman?
      McCloud: Dracula.

    • Chief Clifford: (Of the sniper, to Det. Grover and the squad on rooftop stakeout.) So far, he's made his way up 4th Avenue like a military operation. I'm going with the theory that we've got a psycho ex-GI on our hands.

    • Loren Belasco: (After emerging from coffin, hearing her scream.) Really, Miss Coughlin. I'd have thought you'd have been more amused.

    • McCloud: (To Chris Coughlin.) Ya know, I once knew a Missouri mule that I could talk to easier.

    • (Belasco's butler, Morris, has a way of vanishing when your back is turned.)
      McCloud: (To Chris Coughlin.) I've been around dead cats that make more noise than he does.

    • McCloud: (In the cavernous and candlelit Belasco mansion.) This place has got more room than a porcupine at a love-in.

    • McCloud: Joe, you're a cop, not a social worker. Get tough! We got a killer on our hands.
      Sgt. Broadhurst: You sound more like Clifford every day, you know that?
      Chief Clifford: (Walking up.) That a fact, Joe?

    • McCloud: (To Loren Belasco, who is warming himself at the fireplace.) I wouldn't stand too close to that fire there, that's hot enough to barbecue a four-ton steer!

    • (McCloud arrives at the Belasco mansion on a rainy night.)
      Loren Belasco: Take those wet clothes, Morris, see if you can dry them out.
      McCloud: Oh, that won't be necessary, it's just muh old sheepskin, it's been through a lot worse than that, just stand it up anywhere.

    • Tom Snyder: (To the camera.) I think you'd agree that we certainly got our money's worth here this morning.

    • Loren Belasco: (On The Tomorrow Show.) Even in jest, I take a dim view of daylight.

    • Coroner: Look, an ambitious young doctor in the coroner's office would be well advised to avoid worrying about the living dead and concentrate on the dead dead.
      Dr. Harvey Pollock: I guess you don't believe in the values of ancient medicine.
      Coroner: Pollick-working in the morgue, I'm not at all sure I even believe in the values of modern medicine.

    • Dr. Harvey Pollick: Marshal, I'm not crazy. I'm a damn good pathologist who just happened to turn up a victim of an honest-to-God vampire.

    • Chief Clifford: (Of McCloud, to Det. Grover.) Some man of action. I've seen shut-ins move faster than he does.

    • (Chris Coughlin is raptly watching a Dracula movie on television.)
      McCloud: Ya got any blood t' drink?
      Chris Coughlin: (Not listening.) Something to drink... in the refrigerator, Sam.
      McCloud: Any particular type? A, or O?
      Chris Coughlin: There's... milk... and beer... and some white wine.
      McCloud: Well, I guess maybe I'll just drift on over to a singles bar and pick up some nice, warm, willing, New York lady.
      Chris Coughlin: You know where everything is, just help yourself.

  • Notes

    • The Third Street Bridge where the final confrontation takes place is evidently, and perhaps with some humor, another bridge entirely.

  • Allusions

    • Late Night Manhattan Film Festival: "Dracula Week"
      Chris Coughlin watches House of Dracula (1945, dir. Erle C. Kenton) on television.