Season 1 Episode 4

Murder Arena (1) (or The Concrete Corral)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 1970 on NBC
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Murder Arena (1) (or The Concrete Corral)
McCloud is assigned to keep an eye on a boisterous bunch of rodeo riders at Madison Square Garden. While there McCloud encounters more then old friends, an ex-girlfriend and murder.

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    Dennis Weaver

    Dennis Weaver

    Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud, Taos, New Mexico

    Terry Carter

    Terry Carter

    Sergeant Joe Broadhurst

    J.D. Cannon

    J.D. Cannon

    Peter B. Clifford, Chief of Detectives, City of New York

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      • (after the culprit is nabbed)
        Chief Clifford: This is the right man, eh?
        McCloud: Well, that depends, Chief, on who's askin' the question.

      • (Sgt. Broadhust is ordered by Chief Clifford to stick close to McCloud)
        McCloud: Care t' make a deal?
        Sgt. Broadhust: Oh, no, none of your deals, and don't try to corrupt me.
        McCloud: Shoot, Joe, you're s' far gone now, there's nothin' left t' corrupt.

      • (Blue Roberts is about to "head west.")
        McCloud: You do and I'll come huntin' for ya, Blue.
        Blue Roberts: Aw, it's a big country.
        McCloud: It's not that big.

      • McCloud: (about Blue Roberts, to Donna Roberts) They got more cops in this town than they got people in Taos. Someone's bound to trip over 'im.

      • (Blue Roberts is from Wyoming, "close to 1,200 miles" from New Mexico, but they're both Westerners, so Chief Clifford asks McCloud what he'd do)
        McCloud: (reflecting) Oh, I think I'd dig me a gopher hole.
        Chief Clifford: You'd hide, of course.
        McCloud: Then, when I thought it was time, I'd stick my head up kinda slow, and head west.
        Chief Clifford:

      • Goose Jenkins: (about Chief Clifford) I've landed on cactus softer than him.
        McCloud: There ya go.

      • McCloud: I been walkin' this spread a long time, and it's a lot easier for a man t' hide in a forest than in a desert.
        Chief Clifford: (to Sgt. Broadhurst.) That make sense to you?

      • McCloud: (picking up a bar tab at the hotel) Newewew York! That's a couple cases o' beer in Taos.

      • Iris McKensie: (after Blue and Billy mix it up in the cocktail lounge at the hotel) I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna kill him, so help me I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna kill him.

      • Chief Clifford: (to McCloud) Now, you're assigned to keep your friends from the farm peaceful and quiet, and that's it.

      • (regarding his taking on McCloud's assignment)
        Sgt. Broadhurst: How could I handle that buncha spaced-out cowpokes?

      • McCloud: Come on, Lieutenant. I mean, what's fair is, uh, fair.
        Chief Clifford: Not with me behind this desk it isn't.

      • McCloud: Why do I have to babysit a whole rodeo?
        Chief Clifford: Orders, that's why.

    • NOTES (4)

      • Additional Credits:
        Based on Characters Created by: HERMAN MILLER
        Titles & Optical Effects: UNIVERSAL TITLE

      • Iris McKensie is so spelled in the opening credits.

      • Chief Clifford is addressed as Lieutenant by McCloud (in later episodes, he is a captain). The name on his door is Peter B. Clifford, not the erroneous J. sometimes and perhaps humorously seen on his deskplate.

      • Ringo Montana, the TV Western star McCloud is charged with protecting at the end of the episode, is played by Doug McClure of The Virginian in a disguised and unbilled cameo.

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