McCloud - Season 1

NBC (ended 1977)


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Episode Guide

  • Portrait of a Dead Girl (or Who Killed Miss U.S.A.?)
    McCloud escorts a witness from New Mexico to New York City, but loses him to kidnappers and finds himself in a murder case involving Puerto Rican nationalists, a lady novelist, a Wall Street lawyer, and a dead beauty pageant winner.
  • Man from Taos (1) (or Who Says You Can't Make Friends in New York City?)
    McCloud goes to help a lady in distress, but gets caught in a shootout that sends him back to Taos on Chief Clifford's orders. At the last minute, the Chief is kidnapped to force McCloud to act as a courier to Paris.
  • Murder Arena (2) (or Walk in the Dark)
    McCloud complains about his assignment to rodeo detail, so Chief Clifford sends him to Special Auxiliary Force VI under the command of Sgt. Dameron, where he works to catch a murderer in Central Park.
  • Man from Taos (2) (or Our Man in Paris)
    In Paris, McCloud and a stewardess try to locate a mysterious arms smuggler with ties to an American mogul and a New York gubernatorial candidate.
  • Manhattan Manhunt (1) (or Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue)
    McCloud is becoming famous thanks to press coverage. It doesn't endear him to the boys in blue, who have to deal with a string of drugstore holdups.
  • Manhattan Manhunt (2) (or The Stage Is All the World)
    McCloud, whose new-found celebrity (thanks to an article by Chris Coughlin in the Chronicle) vexes the Department, is assigned to protect a British theatrical maven who has received letters assailing his "filthy, obscene" productions and threatening his life.
  • Murder Arena (1) (or The Concrete Corral)
    McCloud is assigned to keep an eye on a boisterous bunch of rodeo riders at Madison Square Garden. While there McCloud encounters more then old friends, an ex-girlfriend and murder.
  • Manhattan Manhunt
    Manhattan Manhunt
    Episode 3
    Thanks to a recent newspaper article written by Chris Coughlin, McCloud is becoming a popular figure in New York, which makes the other cops angry. Someone is robbing drugstores in the city, and the police are having trouble finding the criminal.
  • Murder Arena
    Murder Arena
    Episode 4
    The rodeo is coming to Madison Square Garden, and McCloud is supposed to make sure everything runs smoothly. But while he hangs out at the event with some of his New Mexico friends, a young cowboy is murdered.