McCloud - Season 5

NBC (ended 1977)


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AIRED ON 7/9/2017

Season 7 : Episode 8

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Season 7 : Episode 8

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  • Return to the Alamo
    On the graveyard shift one lengthy night, Chief Clifford and much of the staff are out with the flu, the American Brotherhood Movement is blowing up buildings, Chris Coughlin is writing a story with a feminist angle on the NYPD, a robbery suspect's brother (an addict) tries to break him out (and both are sons of an Albany bigwig) by kidnapping the Acting Watch Commander (Sgt. Broadhurst), McCloud pulls in New York's top drug dealers in a citywide search for a junkie whose addicted newborn infant needs urgent treatment, and Sgt. Phyllis Norton is the Acting Deputy Watch Commander in charge.moreless
  • Sharks!
    Episode 8
    The murder of an Indian girl, causes McCloud to take on the case. McCloud poses as a businessman in desperate need of money, the best way to trap the shark.
  • Lady on the Run
    Lady on the Run
    Episode 7
    A woman pursues the hit man who killed her sister, and in Mexico City is pursued herself.
  • The Man with the Golden Hat
    After hanging his Stetson in a diner one night, McCloud is stymied by various attempts to relieve him of it. His clues lead to a ballet company on the verge of folding, and a philanthropic foundation with millions of dollars missing from its account books.
  • The Concrete Jungle Caper
    The international drug trade and a dealer named Harry Hague have McCloud undercover and in prison to root out the Rhigas family of distributors.
  • The 42nd Street Cavalry
    McCloud's lackluster assignments make him grouse, so Chief Clifford sends him to the Mounted Unit. A fence sets up a munitions theft at a National Guard Armory (USMC) for a revolutionary group, and the cavalry is on its way.
  • Shivaree on Delancy Street
    A tailor wins big on the numbers, but gang wars interfere with the payout. Sgt. Broadhurst is badly wounded and numbers money is planted on him, causing him to be investigated by Internal Affairs. The tailor becomes a witness in the wars, but heads off to Miami Beach with his winnings and his shiksa fiancée, followed by two hit men and McCloud.moreless
  • The Gang That Stole Manhattan
    A gangster "Sting-like" movie being shot in New York may be a clever cover-up for an actual crime. The real gangsters hope the location-filming will divert police attention while they pull off a multi-million-dollar jewel heist.
  • The Barefoot Girls of Bleeker Street
    Marshall McCloud is up against a credit-card burglary ring that employs runaway teen-aged girls in a nightclub scam.