Season 3 Episode 4

Showdown at the End of the World

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 1973 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • There ya go, lookin' like sunlight
      On a laughin' summer day.
      There ya go, sayin' my name s' soft
      It takes m' breath away.
      There ya go, with that smile o' yours
      That sets the world aglow...

      Song, "There Ya Go" (Glen A. Larson, Bruce Belland, sung by David Somerville)

  • Quotes

    • Jackie Rogers: What are you gonna do about Dominick? He has a gun, too.
      McCloud: Well, like my daddy used to say, the best offense is a defense. No, the best defense is an offense. What the hell did he say?

    • Alexander Montello: (To Michael Dominick.) We send you to college, and look what happens. You lose thirty million dollars worth of merchandise... I don't know, sometimes I wonder if it was such a good idea to raise a bunch of college kids. Somehow, you lose a sense of tradition.

    • Alexander Montello: Lost some merchandise?
      Michael Dominick: Just temporarily.
      Alexander Montello: How much?
      Michael Dominick: (Pause.) A million.
      Alexander Montello: Wholesale or retail?
      Michael Dominick: Wholesale.
      Alexander Montello: That's about thirty million on the street.

    • (The film cans Jackie Rogers brought back from Paris actually have film in them.)
      Chief Clifford: (Expecting a bust, to Michael Dominick, expecting a shipment.) Looks like everybody's been had. Some more than others.

    • ("Bioluminescence")
      McCloud: How's that thing work?
      Chief Clifford: Specially cultivated micro-organisms literally light up when they come in contact with heroin.

    • Jackie Rogers: Those loose ends I was telling you about. I'm having a little trouble tying them off.
      McCloud: Well, I wanna tell ya, I can tie loose ends just easier'n a bear can smell honey.

    • Michael Dominick: Liz Carlson asked the same question.
      Jackie Rogers: Is that why you killed her?
      Michael Dominick: She died of an overdose of stupidity. (Jackie Rogers walks out of his office.) I sincerely hope that you won't suffer from the same disease!

    • Michael Dominick: (To Jackie Rogers.) As you can see, we have quite a substantial investment in you. All of those incidentals that go to make a no-talent hick into an international model.

    • Al Barber: (Reporting to Michael Dominick.) Name's McCloud, Sam McCloud. Some kinda marshal from Taos (He pronounces it as a rhyme for "mouse".), New Mexico.

    • (McCloud identifies Jackie Rogers' accent.)
      Jackie Rogers: (Reciting his phrase.) "The orange blossoms in the spring are fragile when you pay for them."
      McCloud: Houston.

    • (McCloud and Broadhurst emerge from the lobby.)
      Doorman: Hey, it's my lucky day. Quarter tips and half the police department hangin' around.

    • (McCloud astride a horse in Central Park pretends to mistakenly rescue Liz Carlson, who is riding a "runaway" horse for a commercial being filmed, but he has the wrong girl and she protests heatedly.)
      Jackie Rogers: I've been on this horse since eight o'clock this morning. I've got sores in places I didn't know existed.

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