Season 6 Episode 2

Showdown at Times Square

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 1975 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Though McCloud has been required to turn in his pistol with his badge, he's armed in the last scene, but evidently he's now back on the force and working with Chief Clifford and Sgt. Broadhurst.

    • After the robbery, the press fails to report an additional $100,000 which the robbers have taken. The latter wonder where it came from, but the script is silent on this point henceforth.

  • Quotes

    • Holly: Oh! You scared ten years out of me.
      Linus: It won't matter.

    • Cookie's Sister: Hey! What do you want?
      McCloud: Lookin' for Cookie.
      Cookie's Sister: What do you think this is-a store? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    • Cookie: Slop!
      Cookie's Sister: If you'd give me a couple of dollars, then maybe I could get some decent food.
      Cookie: It'd still taste like slop.

    • (McCloud isn't listening.)
      Holly: And then I swam up Niagara Falls with my hands tied above my head, blindfolded.

    • Holly: Every producer I make out with says he's going to make me a star. People will tell you anything.

    • Holly: (To McCloud.) If you think you're going to get B.G. to sign that confession, then you're crazier than I think you are, and that's going some.

    • B.G.: (At the roulette table.) You know I could bet on Napoleon winning at Waterloo and they'd have to rewrite history? I can't lose!

    • McCloud: Friendship is like wine, it takes a little time to get good.

    • Fields: (Terms of employment.) Tell you the way it works around here. Most of the poeple start drifting in about ten. Come in about eight, we'll have a little dinner in back first, get acquainted. I got some good wine.

    • Dr. Brand: Look, Slim, anything less than Intensive Care is out of my realm.

    • (Chief Stillwater keening in Central Park.)
      McCloud: That's not a chant for the dead, it's for the dyin'. Who's dyin'? It's for you, isn't it? You can't do that, Chief. You can't just give up.

    • Chief Stillwater: When hope is gone, life is over.

    • McCloud: If you think I'm gonna stand around scratchin' my navel while some kid-
      Chief Clifford: Johnny Stillwater and Chief Stillwater are still in Deep Water, New Mexico as far as you're concerned. I gave you a direct order. Follow it!

    • (McCloud arrives to question Holly.)
      Holly: They went thataway.
      McCloud: Who did?
      Holly: The rustlers. Aren't you with the posse?

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