Season 5 Episode 4

The 42nd Street Cavalry

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 1974 on NBC
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The 42nd Street Cavalry
McCloud's lackluster assignments make him grouse, so Chief Clifford sends him to the Mounted Unit. A fence sets up a munitions theft at a National Guard Armory (USMC) for a revolutionary group, and the cavalry is on its way.

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Dennis Weaver

Dennis Weaver

Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud, Taos, New Mexico

Terry Carter

Terry Carter

Sergeant Joe Broadhurst

J.D. Cannon

J.D. Cannon

Peter B. Clifford, Chief of Detectives, City of New York

Ken Lynch

Ken Lynch

Detective Grover

Julie Sommars

Julie Sommars

Sergeant Mildred Cross

Guest Star

Peter Mark Richman

Peter Mark Richman

Captain Dettmer

Guest Star

Michael Parks

Michael Parks


Guest Star

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    • McCloud: Just happened to be in the vicinity, Chief, when the call came in.
      Chief Clifford: As long as you're here, make yourself useful. Work your way downtown.
      McCloud: Right.
      Chief Clifford: No, make it uptown!

    • Revolutionary: But if anything goes wrong...
      Packy: I hope you're the first one to get it. Let's go.
      Revolutionary: You're funny! You're funny! All right, come on.

    • Sgt. Cross: (After a long day undercover.) Well, I just want to jump into bed.
      McCloud: That's a very friendly thought, Sergeant.

    • Packy: You're a devious little-
      Manny: Hey, we sell the guns to somebody else, somebody gives us a commission as fat as-as fat as you are!
      Packy: Hey, Manny... You wouldn't do that to old Packy, you wouldn't do that to me.
      Manny: Tomorrow morning, Packy, or that little cash register in your head is going to go tch-tch, clink-No Sale!

    • Capt. Dettmer: We had to take a chance.
      Chief Clifford: And you had to send this backwoods Barrymore undercover.

    • Frank: I'm gonna kill me a hillbilly cop.

    • (Making the arms deal.)
      Frank: Well... I do have a small sample with me.
      McCloud: (Undercover.) Well, sometimes the runt of the litter'll tell you a whole lot about the rest of the breed. You show me yours, I'll show ya mine.

    • Capt. Dettmer: (McCloud is itching to join the investigation.) McCloud, I need you here. You're acting instructor. Instruct!

    • (Hector has rights.)
      Capt. Dettmer: I have a right to know where you got that piece!
      Hector: I told you.
      Capt. Dettmer: Tell me again.
      Hector: I found it.
      Capt. Dettmer: Where?
      Hector: On 114th Street.
      Capt. Dettmer: Where on 114th Street?
      Hector: In a garbage can under a bunch of crud.
      Capt. Dettmer: That's the worst story I ever heard. Why would somebody want to dump a beautiful piece like that in a garbage can?
      Hector: I don't know why! Maybe it was hot!
      Capt. Dettmer: We're going to trace the serial number, and that'll take us to the Armory robbery, and you know where that's going to take us?
      Hector: Yeah! To 114th Street!

    • McCloud: Chief, I know you're up to your ears with this thing-
      Chief Clifford: It's higher than that!

    • McCloud: (To Sgt. Cross, after her first ride.) That's all right, Sergeant. I'll get a bottle o' liniment 'n rub it in all the right places 'n you'll feel like a new man. So will I.

    • McCloud: Just 'cause my nose is out o' joint, no need for the rest o' my body to suffer.

    • (First day in the Mounted Unit. Mounting up.)
      McCloud: What's the matter?
      Sgt. Cross: Nothing.
      McCloud: What are ya waitin' for?
      Sgt. Cross: I don't like to be rushed.
      McCloud: Ever been on a horse before? (She struggles to mount.) There's nothin' personal about this, ma'am. (Heaves her up by the haunches.)
      Sgt. Cross: (Indignant.) McCloud, you'll get yours!
      McCloud: A very friendly thought there, Sergeant.

    • McCloud: I'm here to learn big-city police techniques, and you learn by doin'! Not by sittin' on your can in Central Files!

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