Season 5 Episode 4

The 42nd Street Cavalry

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 1974 on NBC



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    • McCloud: Just happened to be in the vicinity, Chief, when the call came in.
      Chief Clifford: As long as you're here, make yourself useful. Work your way downtown.
      McCloud: Right.
      Chief Clifford: No, make it uptown!

    • Revolutionary: But if anything goes wrong...
      Packy: I hope you're the first one to get it. Let's go.
      Revolutionary: You're funny! You're funny! All right, come on.

    • Sgt. Cross: (After a long day undercover.) Well, I just want to jump into bed.
      McCloud: That's a very friendly thought, Sergeant.

    • Packy: You're a devious little-
      Manny: Hey, we sell the guns to somebody else, somebody gives us a commission as fat as-as fat as you are!
      Packy: Hey, Manny... You wouldn't do that to old Packy, you wouldn't do that to me.
      Manny: Tomorrow morning, Packy, or that little cash register in your head is going to go tch-tch, clink-No Sale!

    • Capt. Dettmer: We had to take a chance.
      Chief Clifford: And you had to send this backwoods Barrymore undercover.

    • Frank: I'm gonna kill me a hillbilly cop.

    • (Making the arms deal.)
      Frank: Well... I do have a small sample with me.
      McCloud: (Undercover.) Well, sometimes the runt of the litter'll tell you a whole lot about the rest of the breed. You show me yours, I'll show ya mine.

    • Capt. Dettmer: (McCloud is itching to join the investigation.) McCloud, I need you here. You're acting instructor. Instruct!

    • (Hector has rights.)
      Capt. Dettmer: I have a right to know where you got that piece!
      Hector: I told you.
      Capt. Dettmer: Tell me again.
      Hector: I found it.
      Capt. Dettmer: Where?
      Hector: On 114th Street.
      Capt. Dettmer: Where on 114th Street?
      Hector: In a garbage can under a bunch of crud.
      Capt. Dettmer: That's the worst story I ever heard. Why would somebody want to dump a beautiful piece like that in a garbage can?
      Hector: I don't know why! Maybe it was hot!
      Capt. Dettmer: We're going to trace the serial number, and that'll take us to the Armory robbery, and you know where that's going to take us?
      Hector: Yeah! To 114th Street!

    • McCloud: Chief, I know you're up to your ears with this thing-
      Chief Clifford: It's higher than that!

    • McCloud: (To Sgt. Cross, after her first ride.) That's all right, Sergeant. I'll get a bottle o' liniment 'n rub it in all the right places 'n you'll feel like a new man. So will I.

    • McCloud: Just 'cause my nose is out o' joint, no need for the rest o' my body to suffer.

    • (First day in the Mounted Unit. Mounting up.)
      McCloud: What's the matter?
      Sgt. Cross: Nothing.
      McCloud: What are ya waitin' for?
      Sgt. Cross: I don't like to be rushed.
      McCloud: Ever been on a horse before? (She struggles to mount.) There's nothin' personal about this, ma'am. (Heaves her up by the haunches.)
      Sgt. Cross: (Indignant.) McCloud, you'll get yours!
      McCloud: A very friendly thought there, Sergeant.

    • McCloud: I'm here to learn big-city police techniques, and you learn by doin'! Not by sittin' on your can in Central Files!

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