Season 5 Episode 1

The Barefoot Girls of Bleeker Street

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 1974 on NBC
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The Barefoot Girls of Bleeker Street
Marshall McCloud is up against a credit-card burglary ring that employs runaway teen-aged girls in a nightclub scam.

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    Ken Lynch

    Ken Lynch

    Detective Grover

    Dennis Weaver

    Dennis Weaver

    Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud, Taos, New Mexico

    Terry Carter

    Terry Carter

    Sergeant Joe Broadhurst

    J.D. Cannon

    J.D. Cannon

    Peter B. Clifford, Chief of Detectives, City of New York

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • (First line of song by S.B.J. Ltd. at Thelma's.)
        "If you believe in forever, then life is just a one night stand."

        This song is Rock And Roll Heaven by The Righteous Brothers in 1974.

      • On the small green chalkboard where Chief Clifford has the big bust laid out, the word SURVEILLANCE appears with one L missing.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • Sheriff Rodney: Now look, honey, we can either do this the nice, easy, down home way, or we can do it the big city way.

      • McCloud: Well, I'll be dipped.

      • Out-of-town businessman: What do you mean, beat it? This is my room! I paid for it!
        Thelma: You got very tacky taste.

      • Thelma: Health doesn't come cheap nowadays.

      • Chief Clifford: Simple, McCloud, and to the point! Yes, or no?
        McCloud: Yes! And no!
        Chief Clifford: That's simple.

      • Chief Clifford: (sarcastically) There's more to police work in New York than hoppin' on a mule and ridin' in with both barrels blazing.

      • Chief Clifford: Why do they insist on policemen giving speeches when we should be doing police work?
        Sgt. Broadhurst: I guess it's to reassure the public that we are doing police work.
        Chief Clifford: How can we when we're giving speeches?

      • Sgt. Harris: Checking your watch ain't gonna make the time go any faster, McCloud. You might as well get used to harbor duty.
        McCloud: Gettin' used to somethin' don't mean I have to like it. The only water I'm used to is in a glass.
        Sgt. Harris: Well, when you see a garbage scow floating along the desert, you'll know just what to do.
        McCloud: There ya go.

      • (At Thelma's, McCloud tells Chief Clifford to hang on.)
        Chief Clifford: (On telephone.) McCloud! McCloud!
        Man: (Picks up phone.) Hello?
        Chief Clifford: Hello!
        Man: Who's this?
        Chief Clifford: Peter B. Clifford! Who's this?
        Man: A friend. You sound like you could use a friend.
        Chief Clifford: Where's McCloud?
        Man: I know what you're going through, Pete, but take my advice, let him go.
        Chief Clifford: Let him go? ...Now you listen to me, you kook!
        Man: You sound nice, Pete. What do you look like?

      • Thelma: Keep your hands in your pockets, Tex, your money ain't no good around here.
        McCloud: Well, I ain't got much else to offer.
        Thelma: Yeah, that's what you think, handsome.
        McCloud: You fishin' or cuttin' bait?

      • Thelma: You sure got me going down Memory Lane on a toboggan.

      • Sgt. Broadhurst: (Working in the Juvenile files.) Well, nobody ever died from lack of sleep, I think.

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