Season 4 Episode 4

The Colorado Cattle Caper

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1974 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • I guess he'd rather be in Colorado
      I guess he'd rather work
      Out where the only thing you earn is what you spend...

      -Sung by Deputy Cobb

  • Quotes

    • (Sheriff Bevins, addressing the electorate, takes full credit for capturing the rustlers, but also thanks "my good friends Chief... Peter B. Crawford and Sergeant... Joe Schultz.")
      McCloud: He sure has a way with words, doesn't he?
      Deputy Cobb: There ya go.
      McCloud: Faaaaarrrrr out!

    • (McCloud is lighting matches under the refrigeration unit's thermometer to set off an alarm.)
      Deputy Cobb: Ya know, there's a good part to this plan and a bad part. The warmer it gets in here, the harder that unit works. We're gonna freeze to death in record time.
      McCloud: There's a drawback to everythin', Dewey.
      (The plan works.)
      Deputy Cobb: Far out!
      McCloud: There ya go.

    • (McCloud and Deputy Cobb are locked in the refrigeration unit of the meat packing plant.)
      Deputy Cobb: Man, what a place to expire!

    • (McCloud, Sgt. Broadhurst and Chief Clifford have all been arrested, one after another.)
      Sheriff Bevins: It's no wonder I don't have time to catch rustlers! I'm too busy arrestin' smartalecky New Yorkers!
      Sgt. Broadhurst: He's partly right, Chief.
      (Chief Clifford's only reply is a withering look.)

    • (The Corral Bar.)
      Chief Clifford: (Entering, aside to Sgt. Broadhurst.) Surrounded by McClouds!

    • (The Corral Bar.)
      McCloud: Bottoms up!
      Luann: Oh, promises, promises! (General laughter.)

    • (Luann and Gloria Jean knock on the door of McCloud's and Deputy Cobb's motel room.)
      Luann: (Proffering a bottle of champagne.) Would you pop my cork?
      McCloud: I'll pop it after I see Hollister.
      Luann: Aw, he's not available right now. He'll see you later. He told us to occupy you as best we could.

    • (The Corral Bar.)
      Luann: You always this shy, cowboy?
      McCloud: (Undercover as a rich rustler.) Only when I'm packin' a full load. (He lays a pile of money on the table.)

    • McCloud: (To a rustler, furiously.) I'm gonna make you famous! They'll be talkin' about you for years to come! You're gonna be the first man hung in this century for stealin' cows!

    • McCloud: (To Deputy Cobb) Ya know, when the hound is chasin' the rabbits, the fox has the run o' the woods!

    • (A collect call.)
      Chief Clifford: Where are you?
      McCloud: I'm in jail.
      Chief Clifford: (Relieved.) Oh, you're conferring with the local authorites.
      McCloud: Not exactly.
      Chief Clifford: You mean you've been arrested.
      McCloud: There ya go.

    • (McCloud's assignment is to extradite Lester Neal, who has killed an unarmed Agriculture Inspector working with the marshal.)
      Chief Clifford: McCloud, I know how important this is to you-so I'm not going to give you my usual lecture on your responsibility to this department.
      McCloud: 'Preciate that, Chief.

    • (After riding the range on horseback in pursuit of the rustlers.)
      Chief Clifford: Well, McCloud, I'm finally beginning to understand why you're the way you are. Enough of this would make anyone... funny.

    • (Lester Neal has a pistol under his shirt, rigged to go off when he puts his hands up.)
      Deputy Knowles: Now how'd you know he was outfitted like that?
      Deputy Cobb: It pays to read the wanted bulletins all the way through. (Examining the rig.) Faarrr out!

    • Carlo Banducci: Hey, you can't just go pokin' around here without a search warrant!
      McCloud: (Producing one.) There ya go.

    • McCloud: You sent for me, Chief?
      Chief Clifford: I think we've found a use for you here in the concrete canyons of Manhattan.
      McCloud: What's that?
      Chief Clifford: (Barely suppressing a horselaugh.) Cattle rustling!

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