Season 5 Episode 5

The Concrete Jungle Caper

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 1974 on NBC



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    • McCloud: (To Chief Clifford, at the Spencer Building, where they've arrested Harry Hague and recovered the loot from the French deal.) You know, uh, Chief, uh, (Chuckles.) what with the million dollars that we got here, and the two-and-a-half million that we got from the Rhigases, the department's gonna make a tidy little profit, you know that? Maybe I ought to start workin' on a commission. (Chief Clifford regards him ragefully.)

    • (Kramer, on a mission to Joseph Rhigas with the news about "Harry Hague," has stopped to bring DDT this "dynamite" for a thousand dollars; DDT wants him to walk.)
      Kramer: I can't take the chance. I've got to tell him. My life wouldn't be worth a quarter if I don't.
      DDT: You overpriced it.
      Kramer: Whaddya mean?
      DDT: It ain't worth a cent. (Draws pistol with silencer, shoots him. The police, who have DDT's car under surveillance, storm it.)

    • (The prison guard Kramer brings the news that "Harry Hague" is an undercover cop about to eliminate the Rhigas family.)
      DDT: (To Kramer, both sitting in DDT's parked car.) That's all she wrote. (Chuckles.) The end of the Rhigas organization. It's wide open. This town's free for poachin'.

    • DDT: (Visiting McCloud in prison as Harry Hague.) I thought you were a different dude from all the other honky toads.

    • Det. Simms: (Describing Madge to a police artist.) That's good. Now, a little higher on the cheekbones. Right. Right. The mouth is fuller, more sensuous. The eyes... heavy-lidded.

    • (McCloud as Harry Hague is attacked in the prison machine shop by a fellow inmate with a shiv.)
      McCloud: Next time you come near me, it's gonna take three surgeons and a Swiss watchmaker to put you back together again.

    • (Chief Clifford pays a visit to the club in disguise as a construction worker in a hard hat. Sgt. Norton pretends to be affectionate while they converse.)
      Sgt. Phyllis Norton: Uh, look, I gotta get back to work. Would you like me to send over another girl to keep you company?
      Chief Clifford: (Dry laughter.) Hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh.
      Sgt. Phyllis Norton: I'm sorry, Chief. (Realizes her mistake.) Uh... (Exits.)

    • (Det. Simms, undercover with McCloud, is "shot" during the police raid on McCloud's drug deal as Harry Hague.)
      Det. Simms: (To Sgt. Broadhurst, who is helping him up.) Was that a death scene, or was that a death scene?

    • (McCloud has borrowed a million worth of heroin from Evidence for an undercover operation.)
      Chief Clifford: (To Simms.) You know what that operation should be! A frontal lobotomy! On me! For going along with this! (Storms to his office, nearly knocks over policewoman.) Out of my way!

    • McCloud: (To Victor Rhigas, as Harry Hague preparing to jack up the price.) I went to a supermarket... for a bag a-a pregnant chipmunk could carry, you know it was fourteen dollars? You know that's up twenty-five per cent?

    • Sgt. Phyllis Norton: (To McCloud, having gotten the drop on DDT and his gang from behind the back door at the Choo Choo Club where she's working in the disguise of a go-go dancer.) I don't wanna blow my cover. What little there is of it.

    • (In Beirut, McCloud undercover as Harry Hague is intently watching a belly dancer.)
      Steven Rhigas: Do you know who I am?
      McCloud: (Ignoring him.) Didn't your mother ever tell ya?
      Steven Rhigas: Steven Rhigas. (No response.) Do you know who my father is?
      McCloud: Never told ya that neither, huh.

    • (Where did McCloud get a million for the drug buy? The French police helped...)
      Chief Clifford: They risked a million dollars on McCloud?
      Sgt. Broadhurst: Not exactly.
      Chief Clifford: Be exactly.
      Sgt. Broadhurst: Well, McCloud did have to sign for it.
      Chief Clifford: (Incredulous, amid the "economy wave.") You mean, the department's on the hook for a million dollars?

    • (Det. Simms is monitoring their conversation in the next room, and hears this on his headphones.)
      Madge: What happens next?
      McCloud: Well, ya just kinda let y'self go, and a great flood o' peace comes over ya.
      (McCloud is seen to be massaging her temples.)

    • McCloud: (As Harry Hague.) You sure it's me you're lookin' for?
      DDT: Man, I been lookin' for you all my life. This town's a dust bowl. Whoever gets that shipment of yours is gonna be the big Indian. (Draws a switchblade.) Now, how many rows o' cotton is it gonna take for me to get what you got?

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