Season 6 Episode 6

The Day New York Turned Blue

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 1976 on NBC



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    • Chief Clifford: Aren't you working rather late?
      R.P. Pearson: Well, time is money. And so is racial balance.

    • Bebe Murchinson: (In handcuffs.) They're gonna pack you so far off the force you'll need a passport!
      McCloud: Well, the beauty of it is, ma'am, I ain't on the force.
      Bebe Murchinson: (Long pause.) You're telling me.

    • R.P. Pearson: Chief Clifford, this is rather awkward.
      Chief Clifford: Aw, Mr. Pearson, that's only because you're used to issuing regulations. Following them, ha-ha, that's the challenge!

    • Nurse: The City of New York may be broke, but they're not gonna push us around.

    • Bebe Murchinson: You're a listener?
      R.P. Pearson: I'm all ears!
      Bebe Murchinson: (Eyeing him.) That's a shame.

    • Cheney: It was the worst thing I ever saw. Bodies lying around everywhere, like cock-a-roaches [sic].

    • McCloud: Well, there's nothin' like a little stokin' to get a fire out of an old log.
      Mrs. Johnson: Very poetic. Reveals a lot about your character. Honest, forthright, down to earth. What happened to my Benny?

    • R.P. Pearson: Just think of me as your Messiah.

    • Bebe Murchinson: You're gonna get him to press charges? You can't even get him outta the toilet!

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