Season 7 Episode 3

The Great Taxicab Stampede

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 1977 on NBC



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    • (McCloud "arrests" Nidavah Ritzach to keep her from killing Keith Hampton.)
      Keith Hampton: What's the charge?
      McCloud: Illegal entry into the United States.

    • Murray Gutman: You've made quite a reputation for yourself in this town, Marshal.
      McCloud: Well, it's blown up quite a bit.

    • Nidavah Ritzach: I like you, Marshal McCloud.
      McCloud: Well, feelin's mutual.

    • Chief Clifford: (To McCloud, unhappily.) How many times do you have to be taken off a case before the message comes through?

    • (In a diner, after a call for help in the middle of the night.)
      McCloud: Joe, 'preciate ya meetin' me here.
      Sgt. Broadhurst: Yeah, I'm a nice guy. Don't forget to testify to that at my divorce.

    • Chief Clifford: (As McCloud enters his office.) Come on in, McCloud. I didn't think the night could get any worse, but I... forgot the unexpected.

    • (McCloud makes a telephone call, no answer, he rushes out.)
      Chief Clifford: Where's he going in such a hurry?
      Sgt. Broadhurst: He didn't say.
      Chief Clifford: Who was he calling?
      Sgt. Broadhurst: He didn't say.
      Chief Clifford: What did he say?
      Sgt. Broadhurst: Nothing.

    • (Nidavah Ritzach knows her way around New York.)
      Murray Gutman: Ever drive a cab?
      Nidavah Ritzach: No. Only tanks.

    • (McCloud's Central Park shootout makes the front page and excites TV criticism.)
      Chief Clifford: McCloud, I have no choice but to take you off the case, and by off I mean OFF. I don't want to hear about it, I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to feel you're even thinking about it.

    • Chief Clifford: (To Sgt. Broadhurst.) This is his work. I can feel it. There's a lump in the pit of my stomach that's got McCloud written on it.

    • Chief Clifford: (On the way to Times Square.) Faster, Broadhurst. Hell for leather.

    • Murray Gutman: (To Nidavah Ritzach.) I've been with Lomto Cab Company... thirty-one years. It was great in the old days. Right after the war. A small independent company tryin' to make it. Things change. New people take over.

    • Keith Hampton: (On his balcony overlooking the city at night, to Det. Simms.)
      The reason I'm up here is that they're down there, trying to grab a pinch of ecstasy. Fast rush. (Winks.) Nickel ride. Only difference is... I have an expensive way to live, they have an expensive way to die.

    • Nidavah Ritzach: (To McCloud.) It was easy for you to kill my brother. You'll not find it so easy to kill a soldier in the Israeli Army.

    • (Keith Hampton's gray Mercedes coupe is cornered by taxicabs in Times Square.)
      McCloud: Who says ya can't get a cab in this city when ya want one?

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