Season 5 Episode 6

The Man with the Golden Hat

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 1975 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This is one of five episodes featuring Rick Weaver. He is the son of Series Star, Dennis Weaver. In each of his appearances, he plays a different character.

  • Quotes

    • (McCloud takes the comic books to a top cryptologist at the Office of Scientific Intelligence.)
      McCloud: Three men have been killed trying to get this suitcase. As far as I'm concerned that's top priority!
      Garvey: (Aside, to a military aide taking notes.) T.P.

    • (McCloud has the precinct attempting to "decode" the comic books and coloring books found in the suitcase thought to contain the money.)
      Chief Clifford: Now listen to me, all of you! Put down those McCloud encyclopedias and get back to work, or I'll show you funny! I'll show you the code to early retirement!

    • Sgt. Broadhurst: Wait till the press hears about this, three men dead over a bunch of comic books.

    • McCloud: I'll be dipped-a Grand Central Station claim check.

    • McCloud: How's your head?
      Margaret: (Hungover.) It's a timpani section.

    • McCloud: Hey, look Joe, I promise you I didn't get in no trouble.
      Sgt. Broadhurst: No, but your hat did.

    • McCloud: You know, this ballet company is sinkin' faster than a hog in a bog...

    • McCloud: You're shinnyin' up the wrong tree.

    • Chief Clifford: (frustrated with McCloud and the wanted hat) From now on, until this case is solved, I want your head naked.

    • Chief Clifford: Well, congratulations, McCloud. You're now known in journalistic circles as "the man with the golden hat."

    • McCloud: Well if there's no reason, he's got to be insane!
      Sgt. Broadhurst: Ever try to find an empty bed in Bellevue?

    • Chief Clifford: Write this up as one more nut who died by his own cracker.

    • (McCloud at Ben's Diner.)
      McCloud: I think I'm gonna give the bowl o' chili a shot. I ain't had a good bowl o' chili since I came to New York.
      Little Ben: No kidding, you're from out of town?
      MCCloud: Yeah... Taos, New Mexico.
      Little Ben: (Serves chili.) You want crackers with that?
      McCLOUD: Oh yeah, can't eat chili without crackers. (Receives them.) And how about a little Tabasco sauce. (Receives it, holds up empty ketchup bottle.) I think you're a little dry here, ya got any ketchup? (Receives it.) Salt 'n pepper? (Little Ben points.) Sittin' there right in front o' me, if they'd been a snake it woulda bit me. Oh, think you've got some chopped onions, some big Bermuda Reds? (Little Ben rolls his eyes, goes to get onions. McCloud, finally ready to eat, tastes his dinner.) Hey, that's purt near chili.

    • Margaret: What'd you have in mind?
      McCloud: Well, I know a little place that serves up chili. It's not the greatest, but, ya know, ya doctor it up with a little Tabasco sauce, Bermuda Reds-it passes.

    • Garvey: Now don't you blame technology for your failure to bring me something to decode!

  • Notes

    • The dance sequences were performed by the San Francisco Ballet. Artistic director Lew Christensen and Associate Artistic director Michael Smuin.

      Soloists: Diana Weber and Alexander Filipov; Betsy Erickson and Vane Vest.


      "Variations de Ballet" George Balanchine and Lew Christensen

      "Schubertlade" Michael Smuin

    • Ron Satlof is billed as Ronald Satlof.

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