Season 7 Episode 4

The Moscow Connection

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 1977 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • I got the feelin'-like-a-prairie-dog-sittin'-by-the-freeway blues.
      -Song performed by the American Country Jubilee in Moscow.

    • (In the club car on the train to Yalta, Tereshkoff calls McCloud's bluff by asking him to sing, which he does as follows.)
      I'm a cop in a little bitty town
      And I don't get much pay.
      I caught seventeen out-o'-state cars
      And four o' muh friends today.

      Well, I let the hometown boys go on home,
      They paid five dollars bail.
      But all the drivers in the out-o'-state cars,
      They had to go to jail.


      [A spoken riff continues, "and old Charlie, he's workin' out real good down at the corner drugstore where the red light signal is. I tell ya, that ol' boy can spot an out-o'-state car ten blocks away." As it approaches a green light, Charlie operates a "secret button" which lets the yellow light show for "a tenth of a second."]

      The way it stands this year so far
      I've made four hundred thou.
      For a high school dropout I'm doin' fine,
      I make more than the President now.
      [Spoken.] (O' course, he's honest.)

      If you're drivin' down the road
      And flashin' lights ya see,
      If they're on top of a red Rolls-Royce
      You can bet your boots it's me.
      If they're on top of a red Rolls-Royce
      You can bet your boots it's me.

  • Quotes

    • McCloud: Do svidanya!
      Tereshkoff: Marshal, why is it I feel I've been rode hard and put away wet?
      McCloud: There ya go.

    • Pierre Belsen: (Descending on a camera crane.) Fantastic, it's beautiful, I'm a genius! Bresnovitch, put a thirty-five on this. Perfect! OK, yes, fine... (Etc.)

    • Tereshkoff: I was hoping to learn something about the American way of life. How is it?
      McCloud: Well, I think we'll be in there kickin' for some time yet.

    • McCloud: Well, ya know, there's nothin' more disturbin' to a chicken coop than an intrudin' rooster.
      Chief Clifford: Does that lend itself to any kind of English translation?

    • McCloud: (To Tatiana.) Ma'am, I've never been one t' manhandle a lady. Y'understand? But if it means gettin' the truth outta ya, I'm goin' t' give it a shot.

    • (After suffering withdrawal symptoms onstage in Moscow, Johnny Starbuck has one more performance in him before heading off to a Swiss clinic.)
      Johnny Starbuck: It's a long way to come, to find out you've reached the end o' the line.

    • Lukoff: From Ciphers. "Rode hard and put away wet." Western American expression meaning hard labor, followed by no reward.
      Tereshkoff: (Musing.) "Rode hard..."

    • (McCloud is arrested after being knocked out during the fistfight at Dom Kino.)
      Tereshkoff: First you bring a gun into the Soviet Union. Then you instigate a riot in a nightclub. Then you try to evade the police while in possession of Turkish drugs.
      McCloud: Yeah, yeah, I do my best evadin' while I'm unconscious, that's true.

    • Tereshkoff: (To McCloud.) I was born in a small town a hundred miles from Moscow. Last month there was a terrible earthquake there. A thousand people died. Well, that's a statistic. One man's suffering, that's a tragedy. Why don't you tell us why you come to our country?

    • McCloud: Feel like I've kinda been rode hard and put away wet.
      Tereshkoff: Uh-huh. (Goes to door, confers with assistant sotto voce.) "Rode hard and put away wet." Get that to Ciphers immediately.

    • (Psssing through customs with the American Country Jubilee in Moscow, McCloud is detained by the KGB when an x-ray machine discloses his six-shooter.)
      Tereshkoff: The travel manifest says you are a guitar player. Do you use the gunbarrel to hit the strings?
      McCloud: Well, I'm kinda half a guitar player and half personal security for Johnny Starbuck. A celebrity like Johnny is always in danger from unsavory individuals.
      Tereshkoff: Unsavory individuals is not a problem in Soviet Union. They do not exist.

    • McCloud: Now, you know that it takes two t' decide on the price o' beans.

    • Pierre Belsen: (Working with the cast of his film, a historical epic called Andrei Vasilievich.) You're not paying attention! You must pay attention when I give you these notes! ...You're soldiers, you understand?

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