Season 2 Episode 2

Top of the World, Ma!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 1971 on NBC



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    • McCloud: (to Flynn) I'm overly interested in these New York detective things, these crimes of purple passion, axe murders and things like that, they-they fascinate me, I love 'em.

    • McCloud: (to Barney Sweetwater) Yeah, seems like people never are what they ought to be.

    • (at Fifi's)
      McCloud: Excuse me, Miss Dawn?
      Jackie Dawn: Yeah. What are you dressed for?

    • (at Fifi's Live Models)
      Charles "Bubba" White: I never met a New York model before.
      Jackie Dawn: Yeah, well neither have I.

    • McCloud: Slept like a log, ate like a hog.

    • McCloud: If we'd a had this Jack Faraday character down in Taos, New Mexico, we'd a had him a lot longer than two and a half hours. We'd a had him tied s' tight he couldn't fight the flies off.
      Chief Clifford: Is that right?
      McCloud: That's right, and branded, you betcha.

    • Ernestine White: (on the New York hotel where her son Bubba has ensconced her) It doesn't even seem American. It's so elegant!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode comes from a line spoken by James Cagney in the classic 1949 gangster film White Heat.

    • Theater Marquees: (Various)
      Robert Sparr's More Dead Than Alive, Gordon Parks' Shaft, Jack Haley, Jr.'s The Love Machine, James Goldstone's Brother John, Dick Clement's A Severed Head, and Roger Corman's It Conquered the World.