McHale's Navy

ABC (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Senator Parker, Huh

      Bogus auto-added episode, bogus air-date.

    • 38-24-73

      Bogus auto-added episode, bogus air-date.

    • The Big Impersonation

      Bogus auto-added episode, bogus air-date.

    • Wally For Congress
      Episode 30

      Binghamton must quickly lose his 'desk jockey' image, and become a fearless fighting man, in order to try to impress a Washington political boss, who has a reputation for turning war heroes into politicians.

    • 4/5/66
      When Parker is challenged to a duel, by an Italian Count, McHale and the guys try to get him out of the situation, while Binghamton tries to nail both Parker and McHale for participating in an illegal activity.
    • 3/29/66
      After Binghamton sets out to enforce The General's 'No fraternization' rule, McHale and the Crew try to help Mr. Parker stay out of trouble, after he becomes involved with a pretty young female, who is in a family way.
    • 3/22/66
      After Parker wrecks Binghamton's jeep, McHale and the guys make a deal with a local race driver to fix it up, and, at the same time, have an entry into the town's annual Grand Prix auto race.
    • Who Was That German I Saw You With?
      After Binghamton and Parker are taken prisoner by a German patrol, McHale and The Crew come up with a plan to rescue them, and get their photo on the cover of a popular magazine, in the bargain.
    • Little Red Riding Doctor
      During the town's anniversary festival, Binghamton schemes to have an Army Psychiatrist declare the 73 Crew unfit for duty. But, the town's new 'King Of The Festival' comes up with his own scheme, to keep his Crew together.
    • My Son, the Skipper
      As part of a scheme to break up the 73 Crew, Binghamton leads Parker and The Crew to think that McHale has been re-assigned. But, when Parker and the guys find out that they've been duped, they must quickly come up with a plan to keep their Crew together.
    • 36-24-73
      Episode 23
      An ultra-efficient WAVE Ensign helps McHale and the guys in a plan to raise some money, by bringing in some shapely lady Sailors for a beauty contest, inadvertently taking out a German U-boat, in the process.
    • Secret Chimp 007
      Episode 22
      After finding that a thieving chimpanzee is at the bottom of the theft of some important documents, Binghamton arrests McHale and Parker, thinking that they are all part of a spy ring, operating in Voltafiore.
    • McHale's Country Club Caper
      In return for permission to go on leave, McHale and the guys help Binghamton recover $1000 of Navy money that he lost to an Italian con man, for the construction of a new golf course.
    • La Dolce 73
      La Dolce 73
      Episode 20
      McHale and the Crew go into the movie business, and Parker becomes the great Italian filmmaker 'Frederico Parkini', as part of a plan to help Binghamton get out of a tough situation with a visiting U.S. Congresswoman.
    • The Wacky WAC
      Episode 19
      Parker poses as a WAC M.P., to try to help an AWOL WAC Corporal get together with her boyfriend, before she ships out to North Africa.
    • 1/11/66
      Thinking he’s killed Binghamton, Parker – A wanted man, on the run, and with a price on his head – Is rescued by McHale and The Boys, and McHale cooks up a wild plan, to try to get him off the hook.
    • 1/4/66
      The Boys build a rolling hooch-factory in an old fire engine, and complications arise, when Binghamton confiscates the engine for use in his newly-formed Voltafiore Volunteer Fire Department.
    • 12/28/65
      A gang of young thieves – Whom Parker has been trying to reform – Comes to the rescue, when McHale and The Crew are jailed by Binghamton, for thefts that the gang committed.
    • 12/21/65
      Both suspected of wartime crimes, McHale and his identical Italian Cousin Giuseppe must switch places, in order to try to fool Binghamton and General Grayson.
    • Reunion for PT 73
      Episode 14
      Binghamton has the goods on the 73 Crew, in the form of taped confessions, detailing many of their shady activities, so, McHale comes up with a complicated plan, to get hold of the evidence, before the arrival of the Judge Advocate General.
    • 12/7/65
      Harrigan takes over the beach, at McHale’s base, for his own use, and McHale and Binghamton each come up with separate, but similar plans, for scaring him away.
    • 11/30/65
      McHale and The Boys must convince Binghamton that his closing of the town square fountain has brought ‘The curse of Voltafiore’ down upon him.
    • 11/23/65
      McHale and Lugatto work up a plan to put the local opera house back in business, by having Binghamton sing the lead in their opening show.
    • 11/16/65
      McHale and The Boys recover a stash of stolen wine, and must keep it a secret from both Binghamton and Lugatto, who are out to get it, for different reasons.
    • 11/9/65
      McHale and the Crew confiscate some antique furniture for their new home, which is, in turn, confiscated by Binghamton, and then by Harrigan. So, McHale cooks up a plan, to get it back.
    • 11/2/65
      Desperate to nail McHale and the 73 Crew, Binghamton enlists Mayor Lugatto’s help in a plan to frame them with wartime profiteering, but their plan backfires.
    • 10/26/65
      McHale and The Boys are caught having some unauthorized R&R in a Contessa’s mansion, and Parker must pose as the Contessa, to try to fool Binghamton, Harrigan, and General Bronson.
    • 10/19/65
      Parker is in the brig, under some trumped-up charges from Binghamton, and McHale and Mayor Lugatto join forces, with a plan to get him out, which involves turning Binghamton into a hero.
    • A Nip in Time
      Episode 5
      Parker and Fuji come to the rescue, when the 73 Crew, and Colonel Harrigan are captured by a German patrol, while souvenir hunting, in a nearby town.
    • Guiseppe McHale
      Guiseppe McHale
      Episode 4
      McHale’s look-alike Italian Cousin comes to reunite with his long-lost relative, and, with McHale away from the base against orders, must stand in for The Skipper, when Binghamton comes calling.
    • 9/28/65
      Binghamton must make a good impression on the Undersecretary Of State – Who is due, soon, for a visit – And gets some help from the townsfolk, in the form of a wedding ceremony, officiated by McHale.
    • 9/21/65
      Away from the base against orders, and trapped behind enemy lines, McHale, Parker, Gruber, and Tinker pose as an Italian family, to evade a German patrol, which, in turn, captures Binghamton and Carpenter, while on their way back to the base, after stealing a bathtub.
    • 9/14/65

      While settling in to their new home in Voltafiore, Italy, the old Taratupa gang runs afoul of the town’s crooked mayor.

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