McHale's Navy

Season 1 Episode 18

One of Our Engines Is Missing

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Feb 14, 1963 on ABC

Episode Recap

Binghamton is angry about McHale and his men having embarrassed him again, and is wishing for an excuse to ship them out. His wish comes true, shortly later, when the 73 comes chugging into the base, it's engines in very sad shape. Binghamton calls McHale to his office, to tell him that he's sending for a Materiel Officer from FleetCom, to come down and certify the 73 as permanently out of commission. At first, McHale is excited, thinking that Binghamton will be ordering a replacement. But, since it takes 8 months to get a new boat, Binghamton can't possibly keep the fightingest PT Crew in the South Pacific off duty for 8 months, so he tells McHale that he'll soon be shipping him and his crew up to FleetCom for reassignment. Later, at McHale's island, after McHale has broken the news to the boys, they, of course aren't happy about it. But they quickly decide not to give up without a fight, and that the only way to beat the rap, is to get the 73 back into running condition, before the Materiel Officer arrives. But, with all the other boats out on a hunt for a Japanese submarine, they have no ready source of replacement parts. So, they are forced to improvise. Their first target is the base's electric generator. And, when the lights go out in Binghamton's office, right away, Binghamton knows exactly why. He pays a surprise visit to McHale's island, and asks to hear the 73's engines. But they're still running poorly, disappointing Binghamton. Next, they attack the washing machine, in the base laundry. And, when Binghamton finds out about that, he calls McHale on the radio, and demands to hear the 73's engines again. But, they're still sick, frustrating Binghamton again. Later, after the pilfered parts are installed, they do no good, and the 73's engines sound worse than ever. McHale is about to throw in the towel, when a miracle comes along, in the form of a brand spanking new PT Boat. Thinking that they're saved – Due to the fact that they can't be shipped out, if they have a replacement boat – McHale and Parker rush over to take command of their new vessel. But Binghamton is there, to squash their dreams, when he tells them that the new boat is his, and that McHale and his Crew won't be getting their hands on it. And, just to be on the safe side, Binghamton places the entire 73 Crew under arrest, to keep them from swiping any parts from the new boat, before Captain Evans – The Materiel Officer – Arrives, the next day. McHale and Parker are to spend the night in Binghamton's office, and The Crew – After delivering the 73 for inspection – Are to report to the brig. Later, on McHale's island, the boys have decided not to go down without a fight, and come up with a plan. First, Mr. Parker will slip a special concoction of Gruber's into the Captain's coffee, and while he's out, Tinker will heist the engines from the new boat. And, to make sure that Tinker is available for the job, Fuji – Dressed in Navy fatigues – Will take his place, in the brig. McHale warns the boys that the plan is risky, and that if it doesn't come together, they'll spend the rest of the war in the brig. But, the boys agree that they'd rather do that, than be split up. Parker even comes up with a back-up plan, of putting The Captain out with hypnosis, should the 'mickey' fail. That night, the boys deliver the 73, then report to the brig, with Fuji in Tinker's place. McHale and Parker report to Binghamton's office, but Binghamton won't let them go to sleep, for fear they'll escape. McHale suggests some coffee, and Parker takes the hint. He slips the 'mickey' into the Captain's coffee, but Binghamton – Already suspecting they'll try such a thing – Doesn't fall for it. Then, Parker tries plan 'B', and is successful. But Binghamton is a light sleeper, and the effect is only temporary. Meanwhile, Tinker – Who has been waiting outside the Captain's window, all this time, waiting for an 'All Clear' – Has all but given up, until he hears the sound of a miracle approaching.
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