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  • One of my favorite TV shows.

    This is one of my beloved TV shows from the sixties. With a brilliant cast, McHale’s Navy sets sail always staying two steps ahead of Capt. Wallace B. Binghamton, who, along with his side kick Lt. Elroy Carpenter, never manage to out wit McHale and his crew. With the brilliant cast of Ernest Borgnine as Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale, Tim Conway who does a superb job of bringing Ensign Charles Parker to life. They are joined by Carl Ballantine Lester Gruber, Joe Flynn and Capt. Binghamton, Yoshio Yoda Fuji Kobiaji and other talented artists. McHale’s Navy stands out as one of the best comedies that came out of the 60’s.
  • I love Mchale navy. I think it was one of the best shows. I would like to buy this show. if any body has any of tapes of this show,please let me know. my email is from JohnH.Pedrick

    I would like to see them put back this show on tv land the shows in that time point were very good shows. they were very clean shows. they should show all the esposoides of mchale navy. please if any body has any tapes of this show please email me my email from John H.Pedrick my address is 47 west mill rd. p.o. box 226 Pedricktown,N.J.08067 thank you
  • One of the all-time classic tv shows. I joined the Navy because of this show (well this and the movie Operation Petticoat). The actors and writers did a fantastic job. Even tho the story lines were far fetched at times they were funny.

    How to rate the comedic talents of so many wonderful actors in one show? Tim Conway was fantastic as Ensign Parker and McHale was the CO that every one wanted. The constant battle between McHale and Binghamton was a hoot. McHale was always coming out on top no matter what the scrape it was that he and his crew got into. The full-length movies were great too. I'm delighted that I finally found this show on DVD with all 4 seasons in one set. It's hard to imagine that the show only ran 4 seasons. I wish they would repeat it on TVLand at least.
  • Joe Flynn

    When this series started I was only 10 and was very annoyed by Capt. Binghamton interefering with everything my heros on McHales Island and the 73 were trying to do. Now that I began watching the episodes again, I realize just what a great physical comedian Joe Flynn was- especially when he was in a scene with Tim Conway. OUTSTANDING!
  • From John Paul Jones to Davey Jones there was no one like skipper Mc Hale

    THE best WW II comedy series ever, was very accurate concerning naval uniforms, its Vosper MTB was done in model by Revell along with some of its crew in 1/72 scale, however there were real PT-73s both at the Britush and American navies. Italeri presently makes a !/32 scale Vosper that can be motorized and radio controlled.
  • One of the funniest shows...EVER!!

    I love watching reruns of this show. They rock so much. I have two VHS tapes recorded with the episodes. This show works so well because the cast worked really well together. I would have to say that the best charecter was Ensign Parker. Tim Conway did an excellent job of being the sweet, gullible ensign who always gets in trouble, but he always tries to what is right. He is loyal and helps his friends out. This show is one of the all time greats. I will never want to stop watching the reruns of this show. It is so AWESOME!!
  • Homage to Great TV

    My memories of watching this show coincide with the same days I used to stay home sick from, and in some cases "sick of," school. I loved staying home and watching the wacky adventures of McHale and his crew. Borgnine's big smiling face made him sort of my best buddy and his crew my extended family. I think the best appeal of the show was that it seemed to pay homages to so many of my favorites: Gilligan's Island, Hogan's Heroes, F Troop, The Andy Griffith Show and even Get Smart just to name a few. Conway's character had a lot of Barney Fife in him, and the surreal humor reminded me a lot of Night Court. Maybe that's what makes a show a classic; by it's way to reinvent comedy where everyone can find some interest in it.
  • Hoorrah, it's back on tv

    One of the funniest and best loved comedies of the '60's, McHale's Navy is being shown on antennaTV, which for those of us who live in central Ohio, is channel 6.3. Amazing to watch these episodes which I haven't seen in 50 years. It is also available for free on Hulu.
  • McHales Navy was a great entertainment show with lots of laughs and some lessons to be learned.

    Since everything is coming back on DVD - I just watched some old series of F-Troop. I was wondering who has the rights to McHales Navy TV episodes and why aren't they being brought back and released on DVD? You can find series of all older TV shows - I watch Hogan's Heros and MASH all the time.