McHale's Navy - Season 3

ABC (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • The Ghosts of 73
    Episode 1
    It appears that the PT-73 boat has been haunted and the men are in fear.
  • 2/23/65
    Parker takes the rap for the theft of Binghamton’s dictation machine, and McHale and The Boys come up with a complicated, but ingenious plan, to get him off the hook.
  • The Truth Hurts
    Episode 18
    Binghamton gets hold of some sodium pentothal, and administers it to The 73 Crew, making them ‘rat’ on themselves. But the tables are turned, when McHale and Parker give Binghamton a dose of his own medicine.
  • The Stool Parrot
    Episode 16
    Binghamton's ‘No-Fraternization' policy forces McHale and the boys to find a secret location for a big party they've planned, with the Nurses. But Gruber's pet parrot spills the beans, to Binghamton.
  • 9/22/64
    While impersonating an officer Gruber is caught by the captain.
  • 4/13/65
    The Jerry Colonna Show is touring Military bases in the South Pacific, but Special Services rules state that a show cannot stop at a base with a hospital of less than 50 beds. Since the Taratupa Hospital has only 28 beds, McHale and the boys must start an ‘epidemic’, so that they’ll qualify.moreless
  • Make Room for Orvie
    Episode 36
    The 73 Crew gets a new member, whom Binghamton talks into spying on McHale and The Boys, to report any illegal activities.
  • Binghamton and McHale have been sent to negotiate the oil rights to the oil-rich island nation of Durani. But The Shah of Durani refuses to sign the agreement without an Admiral present. Admiral Rogers is not available, So, much to Binghamton's dismay, Parker – As a reward for rescuing The Shah's Daughter from an attempted mugging – Is temporarily promoted to Admiral, until the treaty has been signed.moreless
  • 11/10/64
    McHale and Parker must rescue Fuji, after he is captured and arrested by A klutzy British Naval Officer, on temporary assignment to Taratupa.
  • 9/29/64

    Parker is robbed of $62,000 – The entire payroll for the Taratupa Base – And McHale and The Boys must find the money, before Binghamton nabs them, for theft.

  • 10/6/64

    When Binghamton gets advance notice that a certain Admiral is about to spring a surprise inspection on the base, he feigns illness, and appoints McHale as acting Base Commander, to take the heat.

  • Fountain of Youth
    Fountain of Youth
    Episode 10
    While out on maneuvers with McHale and the 73 Crew, Binghamton discovers what he thinks is The Fountain Of Youth. But McHale and the boys know what really causes that youthful feeling, in one who drinks from it, and must scheme to keep it a secret.
  • The PT 73 Follies
    Episode 17
    McHale, The Boys, Parker, and Binghamton are all taken prisoner by the Japanese, but are saved, when they put on a show for their captors.
  • Chuckie Cottontail
    Episode 27
    Some stolen eggs, a jug of egg nog, an Easter egg hunt, and a visit from the Easter Bunny, lead to the capture of a Japanese raiding party.
  • Fuji's Big Romance
    Episode 15
    McHale and the boys take Fuji along to a big luau on a nearby island, where he falls for a lovely native girl, who has a boyfriend with a bad attitude.
  • Rumble on Taratupa
    Episode 31
    A clash with the Air Corps – Over the booze concession, on Taratupa – Lands McHale and The Boys in the brig.
  • 10/13/64
    Virgil has eyes for the beautiful Daughter of a visiting Sultan, and trouble erupts, when he borrows the 73, to take her for a boat ride.
  • 12/15/64
    Complications arise, when Christy – Desperate to see his Daughter, on her 2nd birthday – Stows away on a bomber, bound for San Diego.
  • Birth of a Salesman
    Episode 34
    When Binghamton finds that he’s lost his stateside job, he talks a snooty young Executive into allowing him to sell insurance.
  • 3/16/65
    Christy’s Daughter needs a tonsillectomy, and Gruber concocts a scheme to raise money for the operation, involving the sale of counterfeit art.
  • 5/18/65
    A publicity-hungry Hollywood Glamour Girl comes to Taratupa, with a scheme to make headlines with McHale and the 73 Crew.
  • 11/17/64

    Trouble ensues, when Parker - In an effort to get Binghamton to cancel his Court Martial - Pretends to be the Nephew of a visiting U.S. Senator.

  • 2/2/65
    McHale and The Boys get into a tough situation with Binghamton, when they try to help Parker out with his new job in the Base Laundry.
  • All Ahead, Empty
    Episode 32
    McHale and The Boys befriend a nerdy Electronics Whiz, whose job is to make them obsolete.
  • The Missing Link
    Episode 14

    Parker is in Binghamton's dog house, again, but gets off the hook, when Leadbottom's niece – an anthropology student, on a brief stay at Taratupa – wants to keep Parker around as a study subject.

  • 2/9/65
    Binghamton talks The 73 Crew into taking the exam for promotion to CPO, but doesn’t tell them that all CPOs are to be shipped out, immediately, to training positions at ComFleet.
  • Pumpkin Takes Over
    Episode 22
    McHale and Parker help Binghamton cover for a touchy situation involving Admiral Rogers, A pretty young Nurse, and Binghamton’s Wife, who is visiting the base, with the Women’s Navy League tour.
  • 3/30/65
    Binghamton tries to frame McHale and The Boys with the theft of a jade necklace – A birthday present for his Wife – When Naval Intelligence is called in to investigate it’s disappearance.
  • 1/26/65
    Thinking he’s dying, Binghamton wants to go out a hero, and accompanies the 73 Crew on a dangerous mission, to destroy a Japanese fuel dump.
  • The Great Eclipse
    Episode 11
    The Navy needs an airstrip on an island inhabited by fierce head-hunters, and McHale and the 73 Crew get some help from Mother Nature, when they go to negotiate a treaty with them.
  • 3/2/65
    Binghamton is ordered to shut down a drinking and gambling joint, in New Caledonia – Which is run by an old friend of McHale’s – And he schemes to nail McHale and his Crew at the same time.
  • 3/9/65
    A bump on the head takes Parker back to his childhood days at old ‘Camp Chinnapookie’, and gives Binghamton an excuse to have him shipped out, for medical reasons.
  • 5/4/65
    An angry Binghamton assigns Parker to a hazardous location, but changes his mind, when he finds he has a reason for keeping Parker very safe and sound.
  • 12/8/64
    McHale and the boys help Binghamton get even, when he buys some ocean-front property in New Caledonia, from an unscrupulous Frenchman.
  • 10/20/64
    When Binghamton tries to have Parker declared unfit for combat duty, McHale and The Boys soften him up with some nitrous oxide.
  • 10/27/64
    Binghamton tries to frame Parker with the theft of his wallet, but Parker is cleared, by the testimony of a good friend, named Sidney.