McHale's Navy

Season 1 Episode 35

The Monster of McHale's Island

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Jun 13, 1963 on ABC

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  • A Monster for McHale,and Binghampton

    This is one of thye few episodes where both McHale,and Captain Binghampton share a common enemy,and it is not the son of the Area Admiral has bad habit to say the least of writing down any minor infrations to Navy Regulations,in a little Black doing this he has caused the career of Naval McHale,and Binghampton fear that the Monster with the Black Book would end their Careers plot(separately) to get rid of Bratty Monster manages to push McHale too far,causing the latter to administer his own brand of would the Kids Father react to this?He Thanks McHale for giving the Brat a well-deserved like this episode for that very On McHale.