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  • McKenna showcased locations in Oregon

    McKenna was a fun show dealing with the struggling relationships between family members after the loss of Guy. Jack (Guy's father) and Brick (Guy's brother) have never seen eye - to - eye, and the loss of Guy makes the chasm even wider when each deals with the death in his own way. Brick has gone his own way since he figured out as a young child that although Jack was the center of his universe, he was not the center of Jack's. He spends some time on a pit crew on the racing circuit before returning home for a visit. When Jack is injured working on Guy's old car, Brick stays to help out. Jack won't let him take out a tour when he realizes it will take Brick over the same bridge where they lost Guy. When Jack ends up in trouble in the same area, Brick rescues him but has to be rescued himself - and he and Jack have a new understanding.