McLeod's Daughters

Season 8 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Jul 23, 2008 on The Nine Network

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  • The longingly expected return of McLeod's Daughters and the first episode of the final season is not able to live up to my rather high expectations.

    After the accident everyone is trying to cope with the fact that Riley's dead. But Kate is not yet able to let him go. Once again she was on the verge of enjoying happiness, before real life stood in her way.
    Riley's death is probably the greatest tragedy that befell Kate. She's the only one who doesn't stop looking for him. But suddenly, she realizes he won't come back. In my opinion she does that all too soon. After losing not only a friend but a loved one, the giving up on him in the blink of an eye seems unrealistic and unnatural.

    Another unsatisfying thing in this episode is how Ingrid's personal problem is being introduced. I suppose the intention of this was to create even more tension and drama. The idea was great, the execution however disappointing.
    The writers should have focused on the other drama storyline. The one that kept the fans of McLeod's Daughters longing for the continuation during a time when Nine Networks kept announcing the return of Drama Wednesday.
  • Hard to watch Kate once again be broken hearted after near happiness - and this time perhaps with the REAL "One". Great development as crash victims work through their grief over having survived when Riley looks to have not....

    I, like Kate, simply refuse to believe that Riley is in fact dead. First of all Riley has really grown into a great character and has developed great and unique relationships with everyone at both ranches. His presence is going to leave a gaping hole - unlike Rob [if I were honest]. GAPING hole. And secondly - are you kidding me? Kate once again brokenhearted and all alone? Seriously - this is getting old. After watching her mistakes and missteps and watching her pick herself back up and go on with her life - she has grown into one of the best characters this show has had. I firmly believe that she is in the top 6 "cream of the crop" characters: Claire, Tess, Jodi, Stevie, Alex, and Riley. There have been others that I've enjoyed as well - but none that I've loved as much as these 6.

    It just seems a little hard to believe that Riley is dead without any body being found and I sincerely hope that they are going to pull something similar to past seasons when a loved one is found alive and well. I firmly believe that what Kate and Riley have found in each other is the kind of relationship that is IT for the long-haul. The kind that Claire & Alex found [before Claire's tragic death], the kind that Tess & Nick found, the kind that Stevie & Alex have found. Long term friends and colleagues who know all of the sordid details of each other and can rely on each 100%.

    ANYWAY - I thought the episode was pretty strong. I liked seeing how Grace remembered things in patches and that helps to give a bit of mystery to the new vet. I didn't like the fact that Moira turned away from Phil again when he was honest with her. Yes the man has made serious error after serious error - but this isn't one of them. I liked seeing how the accident affected Patrick and gave him a false sense of safety - as he deals with the loss of one of his best mates. I do think that we were given hints to something that could have happened to Riley when Kate found the campsite and his knife - and his horse turned up there too. It might make sense to have had someone found him by the river and that Riley doesn't have a memory right now - and that whomever found him doesn't want to be blamed or whatever. His scent would have been at the campsite and the horse could have picked it up. It just makes sense. And I hope it's not something that they forget to re-address like some other issues recently.

    I think that Michala Banas has really blossomed on this show as an actor. She is very convincing and lovely to watch. I hope that her efforts to remember Riley and not give up - even though it seems she must - will get her a big payoff.

    I am tired of watching everyone fawn over Grace. I don't think she is interesting enough to warrant Marcus' attention - and personally I'd rather see him focus on the feisty vet. Marcus has been an interesting guy to watch acclimate himself to farm life and I do enjoy him - I'd hate to see him at this point chase a bitter and confused and frankly . . . bad-tempered Grace. She doesn't have Stevie's purity of heart even as she fumbles around and makse the wrong choices to redeem her. Not yet.
  • Kates heart is broken again. Riley has died.

    Riley is belived being washed away in the lake and everyone thinks he is dead except from Kate which is searching after him. She realize in the end that he cant have survived. Or maybe he is alive? Hope so. She found happines again and now she is left to be miserable again. Hope she not start drinking. Poor, poor Kate. Will she never be truly happy?
    She deserves better than this. In the beginning she annoyed me but now is Kate and Stevie my favourite characters on the show. Because they are almost original castmember. And Alex is back in Argentina. What is he doing there? He should be with his wife and looking after Killarney. She is pregnant for heavens sake! And where is Rose? To college? Is she well again?
    And what about the debt with the dead bolt (Ashley poisoned it)? Have they solve it?
    Even if Grace, Moira and Taylor are kind of boring they have grown on me lately. Only a little bite. I care more about what happens to Kate and Stevie, than what happens to them. Not a single episode in season seven (after Jodi left) made me cry but this episode touched my soul just like the old ones did(season 1-5). Poor Kate. Taylor and Patrick admitted their feelings for each other and kissed.