McLeod's Daughters

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM May 02, 2007 on The Nine Network

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  • New character, not sure what to think about it yet...

    I'm not so sure what to think about the changes on the show. Grace seems nice, but like I've said so many times before she's no Tess and she's no Claire. It's not the same with the new characters. That Grace is already at the beginning of the credits even though she just arrived. I don't like it...
    But I do like the relationship of Moira and Phil. It's nice to see that she's happy again!
    I also really wish Tylor would just open her eyes and see what a huge crush Patrick has on her.
    Also, I really don't want Kate to leave again. But I don't want her and Dave to break up either. Why can't he just come back??? :-(
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  • What was with King Arthur?

    This episode was relatively good. The thing i love about the show is the country aspect of the script. A couple of sheep rustlers see a nice herd of rams at drovers run when they help tow Grace's ute. A couple of hours later and the rams are gone, the hunt is on. In true McLeod style the girls hunt down the rams and find them at a local abbatoir. They cant prove they're stolen so its on to plan B, a sting operation. They let it be know they have some more juicy sheep ripe for the plucking and lay in wait. The only problem is Taylor back at the truck stop chatting up the cute stranger, impressing him with what the girls are up to. After he is tipped off that he is being set-up they move double time to get the sheep. Only Taylor has arrived home and confessed. Stevie & Grace go man from snowy mountain and lasso the rustlers in the act. Game over.
    Theres also sub plots on the lessons of love between the girls and their guys. My problem with this episode was the running king arthur theme. Moira is reading the book and it revolves around Grace coming to Drovers and pulling the knife out of the beam and deciding to stay. These themes do not fit with the show and just make is cheesy. Stick to the drama and leave the ghosts alone