McLeod's Daughters

Season 7 Episode 8

Climb Every Mountain

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Apr 11, 2007 on The Nine Network

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  • Wasn't this just perfect?

    Just when I thought the show was starting to go downhill, it gave me one of the best episodes ever! This one was so damn emotional, I'm still crying. The only other time I've ever felt that way during 7 seasons of McLeod's was when Claire died...

    I was already sure that Jodi was really dead, but I found it strange how Meg was dealing with it. Kate was being so emotional and it was good to tell her the truth. It was good to tell everyone the truth. Having them think Jodi was dead was so unfair in the first place. It's not very realistic that someone joining witness protection would be allowed to do this, but I'll just overlook that for once.

    So, Jodi's gone now, but at least she got a happy ending! And so did Stevie and Alex. F I N A L L Y!!! It was about time!

    This was really such a great emotional episode and like the trailer for next week said afterwards: the end of an era. I'm afraid of what McLeod's is gonna be like without Jodi. It hasn't been the same without Claire and Tess and now the last original daughter of Jack McLeod is dead. I'm afraid Regan and her sister won't be able to fill that hole.
    Anyway, at least we still got Stevie and Alex! And I hope Kate stays for a while!!
  • Kate and Meg returns to Drovers for Jodis funeral. While Meg doesn't want to deal with it, Kate is desperate for answers. Together with Patrick she searches for Jodis killer. Stevie is left to deal with Jodis affairs and gets unexpected help.

    This episode had me crying from minute one. Seeing everyone deal with the loss of Jodi in their own way was sad but beautiful. All the actors did great jobs, and Michala Banas was excellent! Seeing her devestated was of course saddening too, and I think everyone who watches this episode will cry too.

    Climb every mountain was the best episode of McLeods daughters yet, it had all the peaces of what makes McLeod's daughters so great and certainly closed the book on Jodis story. It also makes me look forward to new strong winds when Regans sister joins the show. Loved the ending!
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