McLeod's Daughters

Season 6 Episode 9

Deliver Us From Evil

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM May 10, 2006 on The Nine Network

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  • Nice emotional episode. We say goodbay to Rob after he is shot... Jodi en he should be together... Great acting from al the actor..

    I quite enjoyed this episode, a very tenste Jodi/Rob storyline. I like Patrick is back, but I don't want him back with Kate again, she should be with Dave. Its pretty obvious that Jodi en Rob are intrested in each other. The litlle kiss on the end was so sweet and I felt so sorry for Jodi. She is un lucky in Love. I hope she will be verry happy with a guy one day(Rob please..)
    Rachael en Johny acted great!

    I thought Tom was a freak... He was scary when he haunted Jodi/Rob. Poor Rob after everything he is been trough, his wife en son killed and now he was shot. Luckily he survived it en Tom is in jail now. Patrick with the goats that was sweet. I like the idea of Kate and him, but then as good mates-not lovers. The scene in the shed was emotional. Luckily Stevie moved Rob away en they catched Tom... Emotional episode...
  • Exciting all the way.

    I am loving the Rob storyline!
    Naturally it looks as though Jodi has gotten close to someone again only for them to leave. I would like to see him come back later as he seemed to like his life there (under the circumstances)
    It is very exciting watching Rob and Jodi run and hide and TRY not to get shot. Jodi handled the situation quite well and didn't freak out!

    Meg finally seems to have sorted herself out and has asked Terry to marry her. About time!
    I hope she doesn't change her mind at the last minute and stuff Terry around again.