McLeod's Daughters

Season 7 Episode 3

Digging Up The Past

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 21, 2007 on The Nine Network

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  • It was okay, but not so special

    The episode didn't knock me off my feet, but it was okay.
    I absolutely love the idea of Jodi and Matt. It's too bad for Riley, I had kinda gotten used to him. But Matt is in love with Jodi and I'm pretty sure she wants to be with him, too. I guess it'll not take along until she picks him!

    At first, bringing up the past in this new season was interesting and I liked the story last episode. But this mystical thing that Jodi had to deal with was way over the top IMO. I never liked Miranda's flashes and I think they shouldn't pursue this storyline any further.

    Taylor is growing on me (I never liked her at first) and I think she'd be a cute match with Patrick. Btw: when is Kate coming back? I can't wait!
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