McLeod's Daughters

Season 1 Episode 2

Ducks on the Pond

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Aug 15, 2001 on The Nine Network

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  • Its sheering time at Drovers run, and a murderer, ex and egotistical worker are about to stir things up for all the woman at Drovers run. A perfect follow up to the perfect pilot, can this series do ANYTHING wrong?

    Its interesting in this episode to watch the interaction between Claire and Tess, its evident that they have connected, how deeply though is anyones guess. Their relationship appears to be one more of avoidence than anything, avoidence of their situation.

    Its funny watching Jodi's admiration of Becky, while sensing the feeling of dislike that Meg has for Becky and the disrepect men seem to have for her, shes an intersting character, lost if you like.

    Vernon was a brilliant character, at first added suspense and interest to the story before finally adding a sense of light releif and oppotunity for funny lines (Jodi's "You know what's really sad? Hes the first guy mums liked in yonks AND HES GAY!" was a perfectly funny example) Big thumbs up, loved it!!!
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