McLeod's Daughters

Season 6 Episode 1

Lost and Found

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 15, 2006 on The Nine Network

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  • Jodi tells Tess that they are sisters,but Tess doesn't reacted like Jodi hopes.. and Alex returns with his new fiancee!

    Poor Stevie. She must be totally devestated. Alex must be serieous losing it. He knows Fiona for 4! days en now they are engaged... How can you learn to know each other in 4 days?
    Altough Fiona was quite nice this episode, and she brought Harry and Alex closer.. but still I don't trust her.. but she seems likeable

    Poor Tess, she gets the news that probably Nicks remains are found, en than she found out that Jodi her sister is, no wonder she reacted not really happy, and said she can't deal with this right now. It must be a real emotional rollecoaster for her- But I'm happy with the litlle sisterly moment in the end. I'm sure that things will be allright for them. Tess deserves some happinnes. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • Amazing start

    After the dramatic events of last season's final episodes, I had high hopes concerning the new season and the premiere already hit it off.
    Finally, Tess learns that Jodi is her sister, even though the storyline is a little corny - like "Oh, it's actually only one daughter left, we need to make it McLeod's daughters again". But I'm excited to find out how that goes. And (knowing how the story goes on) I'm not so sure Nick is really dead ;-)
    I don't get how Alex can come back with a fioncee, he wasn't even so long gone. Did they know each other before or is he just going nuts?? Well, I'm really sorry for Stevie, but I'm sure they'll get their shot!
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