McLeod's Daughters

Season 5 Episode 1

No Man's Land

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 09, 2005 on The Nine Network



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: The theme song stays relatively the same as of this episode but with a few slight differences and the main credits have different images than any previous episode.

  • Quotes

    • Tess: Why didn't you sleep in your car?
      Nick: I couldn't. I had to walk...I was coming home to you.

    • Alex (about Harry): Since Sandra left him, he's turned into cabbage.

    • Alex (about alpacas): They have got to be the thickest animals God ever put breath into.
      Dave: Yeah but they're cute, mate. They've got long eyelashes.

    • Stevie: No way, it's too high, too dangerous.
      Tess: Well, I've crossed when it was higher.
      Stevie: It's not worth the hassle Tess, let's go the Ford.
      Tess: No, we'll go across down there.
      Stevie: Are you pulling rank on me?
      Tess: Well, I'd rather you agree with me.
      Stevie: Well, I don't.
      Tess: Then I guess I am.
      Stevie: Well, the boss has spoken.

    • Tess: Ahh, that's Madonna. She's had her calf.
      Jodi: That is too cute. You know, we should name it. We already have Rocco, what about ... Richie.
      Tess: Richie! I like it!
      Kate: What kind of names are they?
      Jodi: You really don't read my trashy magazines do you Kate? They're the names of Madonna's family.

    • Jodi just hopped out of Luke's car, as Stevie stands nearby looking annoyed.
      Jodi: What's the problem Stevie, we've got plenty of time!
      Stevie (referring to Jodi's short skirt & boots that she wore the night before): Not if you're planning on wearing that!
      Jodi: What are you saying, I'm overdressed?

    • Jodi: Hey Dave, if you were a guy, which one of us three would you ask out?
      Dave: Well I thought I was a guy, the last time I checked.

  • Notes

    • Additional Music: "Take The Rain Away" by Rebecca Lavelle.

    • This episode premiered on New Zealand television at 8.30pm, 31st March, 2005 on TV2. It averaged 500,000 viewers and was the 11th most watched program for the week.

    • This episode of McLeod's Daughters averaged 1,423,000 viewers in Australia. It was the 11th most watched program for the week.

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