McLeod's Daughters

Season 7 Episode 7

Of Hearts and Hunters

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Mar 21, 2007 on The Nine Network

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  • How could Jodi choose a man over Drover's Run?

    And the exodus of Mcleod's Daughters a disappointment!!
  • Jodi and Matt die, don't they??

    I knew Jodi was gonna leave, but I thought they were gonna send her and Matt in the witness protection programme and not kill them off. It wasn't that suprising though since I had seen the promo. I really cried liked a baby when the girls saw the explosion and then found that Jodi and Matt had been killed. It was very emotional.
    But apart from this touching ending and the fact that Kate finally is back (yeah!), this episode was rather lame. As I've written before, I don't like this whole new mystical part they're adding to the show. The Emma McLeod storyline was kinda stupid, although in the end it made some sense. But it was really clichee, didn't like it at all!!
    Oh, and did I mention that I have slight doubts that Matt and Jodi are really dead? Can't wait to see Kate investigating...
  • the final installment to the tragic tale of emma and wyn, the revelation to why emma kept 'haunting' jodi, and what jodi has to do.

    im sorry, but to all those who thought this was a awesome ep, enough to rank a 10 outta 10, i don't think it was at all deserving! the scene where jodi, matt and roger being blown up in the roger's car - that was absolutely no way convincing at all!!
    it seemed such a lame end to say 'goodbye' especially to jodi, who's been on the show forever...but somehow i get the feeling it's definitely NOT teh end of her - u can so tell by the fact kate 'discovers' some secret about the deaths!

    however i do much like the resolution to emma and wyn tale!!!
    man 3wks of waiting for mcleod's to return, *sighs*................
  • What can I say? From the very start you can sense doom and that Emma McLeods outcome has alot to do with Jodi and Matt's.

    What can I say? From the very start you can sense doom and that Emma McLeod's outcome has alot to do with Jodi and Matt's. Not one moment is boring and unlike most television shows where something piviotal is going to happen, it wasn't all crammed in. Each scene was important and the entire episode flowed nicely, as did the tears from twenty minutes in right up till the very end with Kate's return.

    No character was left out. Stevie and Alex were allowed a moment so the fans for their relatiionship (which I very much am) got to see a relationship development, with Marcus sticking his big nose in. Even Taylor and Patrick were allowed a moment, amusing at that! But it was very much a Jodi and Matt episode. The climax at the end is shocking and heart wrenching and though it leaves a huge question of the popular couples outcome it still calls for tissue's and a complete feeling of disbelief. The next episode is bound to as much of a tearjerker as this one! 10 out of 10 from me!
  • The saddest Mcleods epesode i've ever watched :( Jodi RIP Matt(Rob) RIP And the witness protection person RIP U Guys Rock

    Jodi & Matt(Rob) you'll be in our hearts 4ever
    Kate get the people who did this U Rule drovers This is the saddest mcleods epesode ever so get a tissue box ready two of your favourite characters will lose their life
    i loved the acting with moira stevie kate taylor and regan this was really realistic and i hope they catch the bastards (as alex would say) who did this because drovers will never be the same. Channel nine sux 3 weeks we have to wait what a cliffhanger
    i cant wait to have jate back on our screens as well as Meg and possibly terry
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