McLeod's Daughters

Season 7 Episode 24

On The Prowl

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Aug 22, 2007 on The Nine Network

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  • Better, but still bad

    Apart from those strange dream/vision/whatever Kate's having and the weird jaguar story, this eppy was actually a lot better than the ones before. The promo for this week says "fall in love all over again" or something and I really hope it's gonna happen. But I doubt it. Obviously, Kate is gonna leave, eventually with that Mitch guy. He's okayish and I'm glad she's finally getting some action again, but it's not like her, is it? I thought it was really stupid for her to hide Mitch, but I get why she did it ;-)
    I'm curious about what Phil's up to and I sure hope they're gonna get rid of Ashleigh soon, she's so annoying...