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  • In the beginning the storylines were fresh, and Farm life was entertaining as well as comedic. These days storylines are unfortunetly beginning to go full circle.

    Mcleods Daughters was amazingly good in seasons 1 through 3, but I fear the departure of Lisa Chappell caused major problems with storylines.

    The desperate attempts to keep bringing Mcleod's "Daughters" out of the woodwork is annoying and obvious. If the writers were to allow themselves to move away from this premise and try to be original (as it used to be) I think things would be fine.

    The only saving grace for Mcleod's Daughters at the moment is a rare few set of strong, different characters. One has to ask how the show will survive without its original characters Tess and Nick.
  • Too much of 'the same old'

    When this series first began it was great, but it has slowly gone down hill with the constant changes in the line up.

    Not that the series doesn't every now and then have a good storyline, but the Nick 'dying' thing was way too predictable that he would come back alive.

    The Rob storyline has been different, but I wonder if he is actually gone for good even though he is in witness protection.

    The show is leaning towards the 'always right' and 'always good' side which does get irritating and annoying.

    If there is nothing else on to watch then this is ok, but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it.
  • Shocked

    I loved watching McCleod's Daughters until the end of season 3. I could not believe Claire was killed off of the show. Even is she wanted to leave the character, I would have rather seen her replace with another actress. I was so heartbroken and cried like a baby lol. I really wanted to see Claire and Alex get married. Needless to say, I quit watching at the end of season 3. I did read up on the following seasons and know that I would not like it. Especially after seeing where they killed several of the main characters off. I think they should make another show and have Tess wake up from a really bad dream and Claire is alive. :)
  • An Australian look at what life on a station is like...

    Though a tad bit unrealistic in some respects, this show usually has a strong storyline. I personally liked the show better in it's first two seasons, but some of the episodes in recent times haven't been too bad.
    The death of Claire was one of best dramatic moments of the show.
  • I have been binge watching the show but now....

    I thought I was going to be in trouble - having to catch up on 8 seasons of a great show - but I must agree with general sentiment - after Claire's death, the bloom is off the rose. I love Aussie . (esp. The Librarians) and really was/am? obsessed with the show but as the center of the show was the relationships and not the episodic drama (fires, bull's broken penises, will Meg and Terry ever get a home) the loss of Chappell was devastating to the dynamic. . I loved Becky too - did she also leave voluntarily? I don't think recasting Claire was the answer - but Chappel's loss is keenly felt. I guess I'll have more time at the beach this summer as I think once Tess and Nick get together - I'm out.
  • Nice Family Drama Show.

    This show was good in the first season.
    Then went down in season 7. Because all of the GOOD actors have left...
    Its not fair...
    because half of these actors cant act.
    Jodi... was a good actor... she made me watch the show... but because shes not on it any more... i dont feel like watching it... jodis best friend kate... she is alright... but she left... but i think she is coming back...

    stevie and alex... was good... when they both liked each other and both didnt know... but now with them getting married... i dont realli like them anymore..

    Mcleod's daughters is alright... because i only watch it because its australian!
  • Nice australian drama!

    McLeod's Daughters has been the most successful Australian television series over the last few years, and it's not hard to see why. In an age where television is dominated by crime series and reality television, 'McLeod's' offers its viewers an hour of escapism television.

    The result is a warm, stylish, quality Australian drama, filled with heart and humour, and with the perfect combination of lovable characters and picturesque scenery.

    Originally revolving around sisters Tess and Claire, and their property 'Drovers Run', this show has grown to increasingly encompass the lives of those around them, without losing any of its initial charm that attracted viewers to the show. Even after the loss of major characters from the series, the show still continues to go from strength to strength.

    Overall, the most refreshing aspect of the show remains the portrayal of its leading ladies as smart, self-sufficient survivors – a credit to the shows writers, and series creator Posie Graeme-Evans.

    Always well worth the look, 'McLeod's' is a superb hour of television you will not regret tuning in to.
  • I used to love Mcleod's Dauthers. It was such a great show. But it all went bad...

    I used to love Mcleod's Dauthers. It was such a great show. The characters were strong, yet feminine, going trough the same struggles real women do. Its originality stood in portraying life in the australian outback in a realistic way. The show was funny, quirky and emotional at the same time.

    When they announced that they will kill off Claire i knew the show would never be the same again. That episode was very well written, and acted beautifully and it made me cry. It all went downhill from there. I tried watching season four but it just didn't have the same appeal, i got bored halfway trough some episodes, and Stevie was a character i could not like. Now that Tess & Nick have also left it's just not Mcleods's dauthers anymmore.
  • Jodie is still struggling with which guy she would go after. Alex has a new business manager for the farm, which he is not real keen on, but least he can beat him at pool. Then there is Taylor she is up to mischief painting herself blue with Kates Ex.

    Love this show. It always keeps me coming back for more especially to find out what's happening in the relationships. Was hoping that Stevie and Alex would get together looks like they will but shame he had to marry the other girl. I think Jodie has lost the plot at the moment, it seems that evry episode she seems to be having flashbacks of some sort. She seems a little tromented. Poor soul. I hope she goes for Riley (even though he drives me nuts), as I don't think its fair how Matt just turns back up on the scene and epects things to take off again.
  • This episode. The "death" of Jodi. Hmmm, I'm not convinced.

    Well, I have been hanging on this show for years. Lately it's been to finally see Stevie and Alex get together. I'm afraid the Matt/Jodi relationship just doesn't do it for me, and I'm not all that sad that they are gone. I loved the scene with Stevie and Marcus and Alex arguing over tractors, that bit made me grin. The aftermath of the carcrash seemed unrealistic. I, for one, even doubt they are really dead. After the genius that was the episode where Claire died, this seemed a bit lukewarm. Sure, their reactions were heart-wrenching, but I didn't have tears streaming down my face. I think fans who have watched the show since the beginning will be let down by the exit of one of the shows long-standing members. That said, I am hoping they will turn it around next week and tug on the heart strings a bit more. And for goodness' sake, give us some Stevie/Alex action!
  • My husband and I very much looked forward to watching every Saturday night, but now it\'s gone. What a disappointment!

    Who decided to remove McLeod\'s Daughters from the schedule in our area, Columbus, Ohio, USA? It was a favorite of ours! We had become regular viewers and were very disappointed when it simply disappeared from the lineup. It is a clean, funny, moving show with loveable, believable characters and situations. Please try to bring it back to WE TV!
  • It seems this week on McLeod’s daughters that the amount of work pilling on since Tess’s departure doesn’t stop the increasing sexual tension between the characters.

    It seems this week on McLeod’s daughters that the amount of work pilling on since Tess’s departure doesn’t stop the increasing sexual tension between the characters. This season’s writers create the overwhelming sense of frustration that have viewers yelling at the television set for people to just say what they really think. With little romance on the set at the moment it is about time that some of the potential couples realize they are made for each other. Rob’s mysterious past is yet to resolve and when Rose learns the truth about her real mum, Stevie’s life is thrown into chaos. Will she find refugee with Alex? Will Rob confide in Jodi? Or will Dave finally realize the feelings Kate has for him?
  • I miss Claire :o( but the show has carried on with full strength!

    Why is it that the best characters always leave shows?
    Even though Claire has died the show has managed to carry on well.
    Alex and Stevie have a great chemistry and sexual tension ready to explode.
    I would like to see Terry in it a little more, he is a cool character!
  • A show about Women on the land and what they go through daily and thier neighbours - I say something worth watching!

    McLeod's Daughters has many of it's ups and downs but overall it's been good from Claire's Death to Steve being accused of something she didn't do this is a fine example of Australian TV show at it's best even if it ends at season 7 at least it had that many seasons many shows wouldn't last that long both Australian and Americian!
  • Is it coming back to the states?

    I never write or participate in things of this nature, but I like the show so much and am a little put out that it is not on. Although it takes a few minutes to get used to the accents, once we (my 16-year-old-grandaughter and myself) watch it for a few minutes we are hooked. When Claire died, it was emotional, we get involved in the characters and really like the story line, I think I cannot be surprised and then something happens that does just that. The characters are well written and true to form. This show is a joy to watch. Not to even mention the landscape!
  • The best show on TV. No seriously it is.

    Ohh this has to be my favourite show on Tv at the moment. The characters are fantastic and very well developed. I love how the writers keep stretching out the tension between the main characters even if it results in me screaming at the Tv in frustration. Usually at Dave and kate I so wish he would finally get a clue as to what is going on.
    Finally a show with great female lead chracaters.
  • I adore this show

    Yep i've gone and said it, I adore this show, well I do.

    I think its a safe program that can show you the true sides of what living in the outback can really be like, the lonelyness, the friendships, etc.

    I have watched this show from the very begining and have to say the only time i was really dissapointed was when Claire died, after all they could have replaced her, we would have soon got used to it. Actually I was also a bit pee'd when Tess gave up so easily on Bom? why? I would never have done that, but oh well its T.V land.

    I can't wait until the new season start here.
  • Australian Drama

    Based on a tv movie done first this show is about women working to keep a farm going!! It mixes hard work with fun and romance to make an awesome show!! The first few series are excellent but it becomes unrealistic towards the end which ruined the show. However Drover's Run will live on forever. The original story began with two estranged sisters finding each other again after the death of their father by means their inheiritance. They begin to bond with the help of Meg, Jodi and Becky along with The Ryan Brothers Alex and Nick until they truly become sisters.
  • This is the number one Australian Drama it is just great.

    Mcleod's Daughters is absolutely fabulous who would'nt agree
    it just gets better and better every season talk about drama
    love,heart break loss and hard work just like life huh hard work'n girlz who run a cattle property with hot spunks to go
    with it wat girl would'nt want a life like this and wat boy would'nt want hot girlz and moto's to ride so if u hav'nt seen Mcleod's Daughters if u have time to spare sit down and watch it on wensday night's at 7:30pm it is a great show to watch if anyone disgrees with wat i am sayin just tell me.
  • Australian drama. Women running a farm. Life, friendship, emotion, romance and adventure, all together in a perfect recipe.

    What I like most about this show are the characters and the way they inter-relate. They show common folks who will help each other when in need, even if they dislike one another. I really like this Australian drama.

    Even though the years past and that the cast has kept changing, the series remains unchanged. Following the same story and without losing its touch. You will laugh, cry, get tense, relieved all in an hour's worth of entertainment.

    Although it is now in the seventh season, it hasn't lost any of its viewers, I am terribly fond of it and highly recommend it.
  • I have just started to watch McLeods and I just love it, it is my new best friend.

    Even though I live in Australia and had the chance to watch McLeods Daughters from the very first episode, I never really got into it. This year however I have started to watch and i just love it. I get so excited every Wednesday, and I can't wait for the next episode to air. I even went out and bought the first few season DVD's so I can catch up on all of the seasons that I have missed. I love the characters and they make me want to go out into the outback and work on a property, especially if the neighbours all look as good as the boys from McLeods!!! I love this show and I will never stop watching now!
  • Amazing, a show about women working though life together.

    I believe that this a spectacular show. It does not get the credit it deserves. I have only seen the first few seasons because I can not find a channel that will play it but it has been an inspiration to me. I am only 15 but some of the things that happen to the girls can still happen to a high schooler. I had been thinking about what I could with horses once I am older and had thought about a ranch, McLeod\'s made me realize that I might actually be able to do that. It is an amazing show that deserves so much more credit than it gets.
  • One of the best shows ever

    This show is just perfect for people who like the country and sheep and cows etc. or just love dramaseries. There's very good acting and the songs you sometimes hear are nice too. The characters are all very different, and that makes it even more interesting. The story is about two sister who see eachother again after being seperated for 20 years. They both have changed since the last time they saw eachother, and now they have to run a farm together. The show is on it's best at season 3, and it keeps going downhill after Claire dies and Becky leaves..

    But the problems they get into, the solutions they come up with and all the other things they do or get themselfes into are definately worth seeing. Two thumbs up!!
  • The best show I have seen in a long time. This show should inspire women all over the world. it goes to show women can do just about anything they set their mind to.

    I think Mcleod's Daughters is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. I do not watch much TV. It is not often that I find something that grabs my attention. But Mcleod's Daughters does just that. It keeps me on the edge of my seat wondering what would be happening next.I just wish I could still get it in my area.
  • My Favorite Show ever!!!!!!!!

    I love this show so much, I have all of the DVD's and I am very excited that series 5 is out soon. My best friend and I never miss an episode. There has only ever been one episode that I have missed since the series began, and that was because I was in labour and couldn't sit still long enough to watch the whole episode. I love all of the characters and I relate to the show alot. I was devistated when Clare died, and I couldn't sleep all that night. I love Dave and Alex, I think that Alex is exactly what country Aussie boys are like and he makes me laugh. I hope that this show keeps going for years and I think it is a great family drama that gives us one for the girls!!!! XOXO ;) Jodes
  • This is the best show on television! A must see series!!

    I adore this show! I just started watching it a couple of months ago on WE and now find I cant wait for the next episode! I am just sorry I didnt catch it in its first season. My girlfriends and I are going to start getting together on Saturdays to watch the series. Please say they will air the series from the beginning so us late bloomers can catch up. I hope there is more to come, but fret for the episode when Claire dies. I really hate to see her go..she is a very good actress. Keep up the great work and all the best!
  • Msleods daughters is set in the aussie outback. It's the story of two very different sisters, pulled together by the death of thier father. Together, with some help from a few more self impowered women, the family ranch.The aussie hunks and amazing views

    This is one of the best shows i've watched in years. A totally engrossing show. I look forward to my favorite escape from the lifes crazyness every week. Finally a show with empowering women who do the iimpossable. Truly a great show. The aussie hunks are just a bonus. great
  • A great show, but the new era needs to prove itself...

    McLeod's Daughters started off as a great show and I didn't miss a single episode. The very first cast was fabolous and I loved every single character. But it all changed when one after the other left the show. Sure, new characters joined them and as time went by, you got used to almost all of them. But the original flow from the first cast isn't there anymore. It's still interesting and I like to watch it, but I have to admit that I prefer the old episodes to the new ones. I just whished not all of my favourites had left the show... Still, the story is interesting, even when most of the actions repeat themselves every season. But that's life, I guess...
    And everyone who watches the show, at least once, dreams of rding on a horse's back over the fields of Drover's Run!
  • One of my favorite series

    I love this series and have enjoyed all the principal actors. The setting could not be better in Australia and on a working farm. I so cherish the writers of this series for writing strong, even rugged parts for women. It is awesome when the hero of the story and the person who saves the day is female for a change. Cheers to the writing staff! You are awesome! Now for whoever made the decision to hire the young lady to play Grace, you missed the mark. As far as I am concerned the series really goes downhill when she joins the group. And it is at that point when I began to loose in test. Otherwise, I had hours of pleasureable viewing and I thank you greatly!

  • A Great Aussie Drama...

    This show is really great, it shows the struggles that most aussie farmers have... getting the cattle in on time to a drought striking.
    This show is about two sisters, Tess Silverman and Claire McLeod who are reunited after their father died. Many twists and turns that you wouldn't think would happen, eg the death of a main character, also new relationships between each of the characters. For Example, the romance between Tess and Nick, and the friendship of Beck and Jodi. New things happen everyday on this patch of land and most of them are interesting and true. (Some exceptions, there like Stevie and her murder trial.) I think what I like most about this story is the fact that it is about Women who run a farm. Being female myself it is great that women are getting more lead acting roles. Also, that these women don't need a man on the farm for the farm to work, that's what is great about it.
    All in All, the show is a great aussie drama full of romance, thrill and many other genres. 9.5/10
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