McLeod's Daughters - Season 0

The Nine Network (ended 2009)


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  • McLeod's Daughters - The Movie
    In this drama set in Australia (where it was filmed), Jack McLeod runs a successful sheep ranching operation in the outback, Dover's Run. After Jack's unexpected death, the day-to-day operations of the ranch fall to his housekeeper, Meg. However, it turns out to be more work than one woman can handle, and Meg calls upon Jack's daughters, Claire and Tess, to help her. However, Claire and Tess have not gotten along for some time -- Tess left Dover's Run with her mother when her parents divorced, while Claire stayed behind to live with her dad at the ranch -- and it turns out to be no small accomplishment to bring them together for the sake of the family's legacy. After her mother death a young woman returns to her father's Australian Ranch for the first time since she left over 18 years ago. Once there she and her family must work together to save their ranch for going under while trying to rebuild lost time.moreless