McLeod's Daughters - Season 3

The Nine Network (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Turbulence
    Episode 30
    Tess and Stevie continue to clash this week, and all the competitive ill-fellings come to the surface when a private investigator turns up at Drover's Run. Tess accepts Stevie's explanations at first (something about witnessing a rodeo accident up north), but gets suspicious again when Stevie is caught packing her bags. Still refusing to reveal the truth, she offers her resignation and Tess accepts with more than a little relief. As Stevie loads up her car, Jodi, Meg and Tess discover little Charlotte has been bitten by a redback spider. Fearing for Charlotte's life, Tess accepts a ride from Stevie to the hospital, but it turns out to be far from a straightforward trip. With the private investigator in hot pursuit, things get worse when Charlotte has a heat-induced fit. It looks like they are not going to make it to the hospital in time so Stevie steals a plane to speed the trip up. Charlotte's young life is in the balance and Tess is terrified that she is going to lose the one link she still has to her dead sister.moreless
  • The Long Goodbye
    Episode 29
    Claire's death has everyone is dealing with it in their own way. Tess tries to keep her emotions in check, unable to deal with her grief and burdened by survivor's guilt. A surprise visitor at Drovers Run helps Tess when she needs it most.
  • 10/15/03
    Tragedy befalls Drover's Run, in the wake of celebration, as the lives of all connected with Drover's are turned upside down.
  • To Catch a Thief
    Episode 27
    Tess's upcoming operation has thoughts of mortality creeping in so she begins to write a letter to Charlotte so that her niece can know her should Tess no longer be around. Claire reminiscences when an old friend turns up unexpectedly.
  • Body Language (aka The Bottom Line)
    The Young Farmer of the Year contest comes to Drovers Run, bringing difficult choices for both Claire and Becky about the men they love. Drovers Run hosts the Regional Young Farmer of the Year Award, and Becky is surprised to learn that Jake has entered. He tells her he's going to win her back. They compete neck and neck and slowly Becky is won over by his persistence and charm and the old spark between them returns. When Jake asks her to come and live with him on the property he's leased, Becky is truly torn between the man she loves and Drovers Run...moreless
  • Time Frames
    Episode 25
    Sandra worries that she's overstepped the mark with Harry. Meanwhile, Tess's biopsy brings unexpected consequences; Jodi wonders who her secret admirer is.
  • One Step at a Time
    Episode 24
    With Claire and Alex still in Melbourne with Charlotte, enjoying their new found love, Tess tries to deal with a pressing health matter alone.
  • The Ties That Bind
    Episode 23
    When Claire and Alex hit the big smoke, a long lost father is found, and a hidden passion is finally ignited.
  • Majority Rules
    Episode 22
    A quarantine on Drovers leads Claire to a new career, meanwhile Sandra is making a nuisance of herself. Also, Jodi accepts a date with Toby, but whom does she really have her eye on?
  • 8/27/03
    Alex and Nick fight over a gorgeous stanger named Elly and the competition heats up as they both try to win her over. And should Meg be having such a good time while Terry is away?
  • Perfect Match
    Episode 20
    Becky and Jake go into Stud partnership with Claire but when things don't go as planned, whose side will Becky take? And, there's a speed dating session at Drovers, who will find love?
  • Where There's Smoke
    Episode 19
    Meg is dedicating herself to her studies in order to prove herself at TAFE, and is thoroughly immersed in ‘Pride and Prejudice'. The misjudgements and misunderstandings of character that drive that classic echo through everyone's dealings at Drovers Run. Jodi is determined to succeed at the CFS training weekend despite feeling that Nick is not doing anything to help her. Her original enthusiasm is slowly destroyed as she is put through her paces and exhaustion sets in. A flirtation with another trainee, Toby, turns to animosity when she realises he does not want to be teamed up with a girl. She begins to feel that Nick is unfairly picking on her and pushing her to fail. Overnight she confides these feelings in Becky and Tess. Tess is quick to jump to Nick's defence much to Dave's bemusement. Becky gives a pep talk encouraging enough to propel her back to the second day of training determined to succeed.moreless
  • Old Beginnings
    Episode 18
    Claire is having a naming ceremony for Charlotte Prudence McLeod with her friends and family when Peter arrives. Claire has written to him after the birth, telling him he is a father. Peter is justifiably angry. Not only did Claire and Alex lie to him as to who was the father, but Claire did not advise him until after the birth. Without Claire's knowledge Becky and Jodi leave the sheep on Harry Ryan's property for the night. But during the night they are sheared and the is wool stolen. Becky and Jodi investigate only to find that it's Craig who owes money from gambling.moreless
  • 7/30/03
    It's been a week since Baby McLeod was born, but she remains nameless. Claire isn't too worried - she'll know the right name when she thinks of it. But she is suffering a bad case of cabin fever as she struggles to balance running Drover's with motherhood.
  • Seeing the Light
    Episode 16
    Min Min lights are seen by Claire and Tess over Drover's. Tess is determined to believe they are a good omen, but Claire, restless and uneasy in the last stages of pregnancy, insists they're natural phenomena but trouble awaits.
  • The Awful Truth
    Episode 15
    Nick and Alex must face the awful truth of their father's new girlfriend whilst they argue over Harry's proposal for a stock route through Drover's Run
  • Chain Reaction
    Episode 14
    When Jodi receives a chain letter, she tears it up and throws it away, and then misfortune strikes Drover's. Has she unleashed a curse?
  • Jokers to the Right
    Episode 13
    The charade of being the father of Claire's baby is causing Alex problems especially when Sandra Kinsella appears on the scene.
  • Sins of the Father
    Episode 12
    Becky and Jake's relationship is tested when his real background is revealed, causing shock waves which impact eveyone on Drover's.
  • Repeat Offenders
    Episode 11
    When a heartbroken journalist friend of Tess comes to Drovers Run the private lives of all the women and their men become very public.
  • Three Little Words
    Episode 10
    As Harry and Alex battle each other, Tess finds it hard to resist her attraction to Dave the vet.
  • A House of Cards
    A House of Cards
    Episode 9
    A thirtieth wedding anniversary is no protection for Liz when Harry, suspicious about Claire's baby, discovers an even bigger lie. Liz is preparing for her thirtieth wedding anniversary lunch, and Harry, still very much in love, has given her a beautiful strand of pearls. But it soon all starts unravelling. Brick's sister arrives and is unhappy at the thought of Becky moving on. Becky assures her she hasn't forgotten about him, but notes she's still into Jake.moreless
  • 4/9/03
    Claire discovers a hidden treasure which brings back ghostly memories of her mother and unleashes a gnawing fear that she too will die in childbirth.
  • Gone to the Dogs
    Episode 7
    An incident with a prized stallion leads to intrigue regarding Jake's past, while he and Becky get closer. Alex and Meg must contend with an emotional Claire and there's a change in Meg's domestic situation.
  • The Wedding
    Episode 6
    Unexpected events result in an unlikely outcome on Jodi and Alberto's much anticipated wedding day.
  • Put to the Test
    Episode 5
    At Jodi's hens night, a game of truth or dare reveals far more than was intended.
  • 3/5/03
    Tess believes Sally is cheating on Nick, while Alberto calls off the wedding after discovering Jodi had a fling overseas.
  • The Road Home
    Episode 3
    Becky's search for Brick finally comes to an end when she has a dream about him. Meanwhile, Jodi's dream of a big wedding causes tension and Claire refuses to go the doctor to get an ultrasound despite Tess's insistence.
  • 2/19/03
    Claire and Alex's lie about the baby causes a major upset between the sisters. Jodi is back, but wants to continue travelling. Becky does not give up hope for Brick. Claire eventually tells Liz the truth.
  • Fairy Tale, Ending
    Episode 1
    Claire is finally released from hospital and driven home by 'father-to-be' Alex. Her first day back does not go as smoothly as the doctor would have intended and Claire realises that some things may have to change. She must also contend with the effects of the lie about Alex being the baby's father.moreless