McLeod's Daughters

Season 7 Episode 1

Second Chances

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 07, 2007 on The Nine Network

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  • A curse on the Drover's women??

    Claire is killed in a tragic leaves her home so Nick can follow his goes to continue Showing & takes off with Terry on a trip to see the foreshadowing that Jodi is leaving...
  • Rob returns

    I knew that Rob a.k.a. Matt was going to return cause I've read the spoilers. And I must say I was expecting a more loving hello, they could have at least hugged. But I guess Jodi was just too confused about his sudden appearance and the moment she saw him, her feelings were like a carousel. Now it's a tough question: who will she chose? Riley and her have been growing closer and I was in favor of their relationship, but now Rob is back and the two of them have always had a connection. I hope it'll be Rob/Matt! We'll see!
  • Now that Matt (Rob) has returned who will Jodi choose? I personally think that she will choose Rob.

    I loved this episode. I already knew that Rob was going to return this year but I didn't know that Jodi was going to be drawn between him and Riley. Riley has been so good for Jodi while there is alot of history there between Jodi and Rob (Matt). It was an emotional episode for Jodi and quite funny to watch as the boys fought over her like teenagers. I think that Jodi will eventually choose Matt, I just think that there are more feelings there between those two than between Jodi and Riley. It will be very interesting to watch over the next few episodes. I haven't long been watching McLeods but I went out and bout the other seasons of McLeods to catch up on what was going on.
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