McLeod's Daughters

Season 7 Episode 32

Silent Night

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Oct 17, 2007 on The Nine Network

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  • A very romantic and couple-centric episode - perfect for a holiday. Shocking cliffhanger.

    One of my absolutely all time favorite episodes. But Riley & Kate have quickly become one of my favorite "oh I want them together!" couples. So good for each other. Bring out the best in the each other. So yeah, most of the episodes that have these 2 spending time together are among my faves. I don't deny it! However, there is so much just bubbling near the surface and in this episode - your heart just melts. It was nice to see Alex surprise Stevie - although I still don't get why he's been in Argentina so long and also has to go back. What is in the water there? There were other almost couple-ish moments for Patrick & Tayler, Moira & Phil, but this seemed to really be a Kate & Riley centric-episode. Which makes sense when you see the cliffhanger, and then start watching S8....

    Sparks seem to continue to fly between Marcus and Ingrid - which frankly makes me happy. The modern day "Baby Jesus" story was really kind of dumb, except for the fact that the couple nicked all of the baby goodies Alex had purchased.

    You feel badly for Grace who has finally come to her senses about Heath - but you also want to shake her because she really just had to be hit over the head with his infidelity. That relationship has been trouble from the start and moved way too quickly with too many obstacles to have been believed anyway. And even though Grace kind of grates on me and I don't find her very interesting - I felt badly that she was so hurt. Interesting how she is glaring at Marcus and Ingrid though later as though he is somehow betraying her as well.

    But for me, it was all about Kate & Riley. They got each other the same present. He brought a tree to their overnight sheep stop. The looks he gives her when she isn't looking. He bought a turkey. Chasing the turkey. Misteltoe. The look and wink he gives her when he says goodnight. *sigh*