McLeod's Daughters

Season 7 Episode 9

Sisters are Doing It For Themselves

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Apr 18, 2007 on The Nine Network



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    • Grace: You might as well keep an eye on my horse too. If you're freezing your bum off, there's no reason I should do the same thing. You are in love with me after all.
      Riley (smiles): This is true.

    • Riley: Did you get her phone number for me?
      Regan: Whatever she's selling, you can't afford it.
      Riley: If I keep selling Brumbies at this rate I'll be able to afford Paris Hilton.
      (Regan smiles and playfully swipes Riley)

    • Stevie (giving her acceptance speech): I also have to thank one other person, someone who is really special to me - Alex Ryan, this one, is for you! Come up here and give me a kiss, you big spunk!
      (Alex runs up to the stage and kisses her, crowd cheers)
      Riley: It's about bloody time!

    • Stevie: Since when did we become veterans?
      Grace: I don't know, but Dolly Parton called and she wants her outfit back.

  • Notes

    • Matt Passmore (Marcus Turner) is added to the opening credits as of this episode. He is shown second, after Simmone Mackinnon (Stevie), but combined with Aaron Jeffery (Alex).

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