McLeod's Daughters

Season 7 Episode 21

Spark From Heaven

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Aug 01, 2007 on The Nine Network

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  • Special isn't always good

    It's sad - this is one of my favourite shows and now they've put angels in it... why!?!

    But I have faith, I believe that it will get better. The show has been horrible before (with Sandra who was loosing it and after Claire died) but it always got better again - this is just a temporary breakdown (one of the writers probably hasn't got any inspiration or something).

    Oke! I'm ready for Alex to come back, a new CUTE guy (not some grumpy old guy) and a new very funny girl at Drover's. And (but that's probably too much to ask) I want to see Tess her baby!

    That's all!
  • I've officially given up hope for McLeod's now

    Give me a break. Have we come this far that the show needs an angel to save it?? I can't believe it. I put up with a lot of supernatural bull in my time of watching McLeod's, but this officially jumps the sharks... I'm horrified of what they let this show become.
    Just several other facts besides the Angel storyline that really annoy me:
    - Kate's not getting any good stuff anymore
    - When the heck are Patrick and Tylor getting together?
    - Where's Regan?
    - How are they gonna explain that Alex won't be back?
    - Why's no one hardly ever talking about Claire, Tess, Nick, Terry, Meg, Jodi and all the other characters that have left the show? It's like they're erasing them completely.

    The show really sucks these days. Riley's smile can't help that it's going downhill in high-speed...
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