McLeod's Daughters

Season 1 Episode 5

Taking the Reins

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Sep 19, 2001 on The Nine Network

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  • Song

    This was a very good episode! Does anyone know what song you hear during the part where Claire kills Siroco? It is a very beautiful song!
    I just love this serie, it is good written. And has a beautiful countryside of Australia. I would certainly live there wouldn\'t you?? Just magnificant
  • When Sir Rocco, Jacks' horse becomes ill, Clare won't let anyone help her care for him. When Tess finds out why, she tries to get Clare to tell her what happened. It doesn't happen until she has to put the horse down in a tragic scene.

    an episode that had a mixture of 2 basic emotions happiness and sadness.
    Scenes that make you chuckle, like Tess falling off her horse onto her bum, Alex trying to teach her to ride,Tess telling the horse Oscar a joke and feeding him carrots.
    And scenes that make your heart break. Clare walking Sir Rocco up to where she found her father dead to put him down. Tess riding to get to her and then hearing the gunshot. Clare walking slowly down the hill to Tess saying over and over '" I should have checked sooner." Tess and Clare riding slowly back home on Oscar after Clare breaks down over her guilt over Jacks' death.
    A fine episode with haunting music.