McLeod's Daughters

Season 7 Episode 22

The Courage Within

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Aug 08, 2007 on The Nine Network

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  • Sure, and suddenly she can walk again

    I don't know if the plots at the moment are all annoying me or if it's rather the whole show and I'm merely projecting it on each and every character.
    The episode could easily not have been, in my eyes nothing really happened anyway. Ashleigh has a human side. Oh yay, wow, what a conclusion. And Rose can suddenly walk again, yeah, sure. And what's with Kate? One stupid comment about how she'd go back to college if she had the money - are you serious? That's all the lines she really gets these days? You suck, writers...
    I'm not gonna stop watching the show, I've just been with it for too long to give up on it now. But it totally jumped the sharks for me and it's my pure loyality to what it once used to be that's keeping me on it...
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