McLeod's Daughters

Season 8 Episode 22

The Long Paddock (2)

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Jan 29, 2009 on The Nine Network

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  • Say it ain't so...

    end of Mcleod's Daughters. We'll miss ya, Claire, Tess, Jodi, Stevie, Alex, Nick...
  • Please don't go.

    Bring back Mcleod's Daughters. I live in Montana USA. I watched all eight seasons 2 X's and purchased the complete eight seasons on DVD. Also purchaced the music tracks on CD by Rebecca Lavelle. Most favorite I have ever seen and I have seen a lot, as I am 61 years old. I have never wanted to travel abroad but now would like to travel to Southern Australia just to see the areas you filmed. I have never been a soap fan and still am not. I have also followed the actors and actresses in other films and TV series. At least what is available on Netfliz. Even a new cast would be great.
  • A Lovely ending.

    It has been a while that I saw this episode, but I was satisfied with the ending. It has all the elements of Mcleod's- Cattle, romance, friendship...

    6 months after episode 221 are these 2 episodes.

    So Marcus and Ingrid are back together after Grace got her back from the city and decided that Marcus would be happier with Ingrid than with her. So she ends up alone, but with a good relationship with her sisters Jasmine and Regan, who came back to live on Drovers. Tayler and Pat are happy and in the end decide to go to Africa to visit Dave and Tayler can finish her study there. Jasmine and Ben have been dating for a while, but a old ex of Ben came back but in the end they kissed and it looks like they have a relationship. Moira and Phil are there too, Moira still the Mother figure of the group. Stevie, busy with the party for Xander's first birthday is doing well- She gives a nice speech about what Mcleod's is about, she has a lot of nice friends who made a really nice party. Jodi came back for a visit, pregnant( 6 months)? and she told Stevie that she and Matt are out of protection and would like to return to Drovers. Meg came with her daughter. There is a cute scene with Stevie walking with Xander, and Charlotte( Claires daughter) next to her. We see a look in the future with Charlotte- Looking like Claire and a nice young men with brown hair- Xander, flirting and joking with each other while working at the Drovers wind mill. Alex and Claire couldn't have a happy ending, but their children did. There happened a lot, but it ends with 8 woman( Stevie, Jodi, Meg, Regan, Grace, Jasmine, Ingrid, Tayler, Moira) riding on their hoses over the land of beautiful Drovers Run.
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