McLeod's Daughters

Season 6 Episode 13

The Trouble With Harry

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Jun 14, 2006 on The Nine Network

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  • over & out...

    I guess short & sweet was the best way for Harry to meet his Nick not coming home for Harry's funeral was unbelievable. Even with Tess in the hospital with pre-eclampsia, Nick should have been for a day...
  • The episode titled Trouble With Harry with a guest appearance from Simone Buchanan as Amy.

    I LOVED seeing Simone Buchanan on the television screen again. She is such a gifted actress and I cannot understand why she is not working in a high profile role on a top series. Thank you for showcasing her talents in this episode. Maybe a larger role next time? Please television producers...bring this terrific Australian actress back into our lounge rooms !
  • Poor Harry. Good-bye to another original character.

    So sad to see that Harry is dead. He was the guy you loved to hate and I will really miss him.

    It would be the worst thing to have the guilt of accidently killing someone in a car accident. I really felt for Jodi in this episode.

    How successful is Drovers? While many Australian farms struggle they seem to be getting bigger, better and more successful all the time. A bit unrealistic, this is one thing that disappoints me about the show. I would like to see the struggle of living off the land.

    Only 2 original characters left (who will go next???)