McLeod's Daughters

Season 7 Episode 4

Thicker Than Water

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 28, 2007 on The Nine Network

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  • Alex has a brother, Tyler is working nights and Jodi still hasn't made a choice

    So, this Marcus guy is Alex' brother. I knew it. Really, usually I get it from spoilers, but this time I just kinda knew it because of some things Bryce said and everything. I like him actually and I think together the two brothers can bring their father down. It's a sad thing Alex now has two fathers who are treating him like crap...
    Anyway, Tyler is still sooo unimportant to me, I don't know why she's even there.
    I muss Regan and I'm still wondering when Kate will be back. But most of all, I keep wondering who Jodi is gonna chose. There were moments between both her and Riley and her and Matt. It's a tough decision (although I'm still going for Matt!).
    I'm afraid the whole McLeod mystery thing ain't over yet, but it really annoys me already...